TMBA 199 (LBP164) – 5 Concepts (That Don’t Cost Much To Implement) That Can Help You Build Wealth

TMBA 199 (LBP164) – 5 Concepts (That Don’t Cost Much To Implement) That Can Help You Build Wealth post image

This week, Dan and Ian are talking about some chessmaster stuff. This is an episode all about making strategic moves in your business that you can implement right away and start building wealth.

You’ll hear the five concepts that Dan and Ian have used to grow their business and steal their piece of the entrepreneurial pie. If you’re ready to pull away from the amateur hour focus and get your mind right, then listen on.

The Chessmaster Beats The Hare Every Time…

  • The behind the ball fallacy and how to avoid keeping up with the business Joneses.
  • The value of exposure and the upside of risk.
  • Why managing current cashflow is not the game that entrepreneurs play (and which one they do).
  • How to know if you should hire for it or dump it.
  • Why it’s crucial to lead with the point and ground it afterwards.


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Episode length: 23:46

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Published on 07.11.13
  • Good episode, regarding the PayPal discussion, email PayPal and ask them to enable “PayPal auto sweep” on the account. That way all the money in the account will automatically flow into a checking account every night without anyone having to touch it or do it manually. Then you can monitor everything with Mint.

  • I love this long ball mindset stuff. Also, Built to Spill rocks. Ian the Resident DJ FTW

  • Leanne Beesley

    “F YEAH! or No”… great lens to look at things through :)

  • Dan


  • Dan

    haha a little air fairy here :D

    dont’ encourage the guy ! :D

  • Dan

    Well holy shit, thanks for that Scott!!!

  • eh you guys do realise you can add multiple users to a skype account with different permission levels right?

  • …you guys played with putler yet? definitely makes life with paypal a lot easier..hat tip to schramko on that one

  • Dan

    Yes and in fact we are re-playing today thanks to your suggestion. appreciate that there!

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