TMBA 215: DCBKK 2013 – What Our Speakers Taught Us

TMBA 215: DCBKK 2013 – What Our Speakers Taught Us post image

After this weekend’s incredible DCBKK event, Dan and Ian sift through the mountain of helpful information, solid business advice and entrepreneurial savvy to bring you the highlights of the event.

This episode’s cup is overflowing with takeaways that the fellas gleaned from each speaker’s presentation.  You might want to grab a notepad for this one.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • A simple method to shape the story people tell when they talk about your brand.
  • How being ‘nice’ can get you a 40% premium on the selling price of your company.
  • Why you should be choosing your clients, not the other way around.
  • The realization that it’s all B.S. (and how to use it to your advantage).
  • That design is a defensible competitive advantage, not decoration.
  • Why “Table Selection” is the most important thing in entrepreneurship.

People on this episode:

Mentioned in the episode:

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 10.24.13
  • Matthew Newton

    “Flipping on your own firehose and then trying to drink from it”

    um.. ewwww

    Loved this one guys. Woo.

    – Fully agree with taking ideas from outside your field. I get so many ideas doing this. I spend more time reading fiction than non-fiction because I like doing so and not only that, fiction shows where non-fiction tells — I have learned way more about leadership from fiction than non-fiction.

    – I have decided not to do any affiliate stuff with my podcast. If we can figure out a way, we want to see if we can organise discounts for the listeners which would have represented our affiliate commission. We’ll lose on the front end but win on the back end.

  • LOVE the 10 crack commandments!


  • Bringing together a bunch of thoughts and masterminding them once a year totally refreshes the playing field for inner game. Just being able to soak up the atmosphere is electric, and rightfully so! Also, I like the shoutout to the gentlemen who pimped his first dollar, well done Sir!

  • Sounds like an awesome weekend – I definitely won’t miss out next year.

    +1 for 10 crack commandments. Out of nowhere! Potential expansion into full episode?

  • Dan


    re: 1) yeah and i often find people who offer/take this advice are either not interested in other information in the first place or are overly credulous, believing that things are ‘figured out’ which is an absurd proposition in business in general and especially so in internet business. we need people with fresh perspectives to evolve our industry.

    re: 2) hells yeah you are going to crush it.

  • Dan

    good point Joe, why stop there?

    Also really hope you can make it next year, you’d love it I’m sure. (the NYC boys will have all the gory details).

    Would have put a cheery on top for sure :)

  • Dan

    thanks brother !

  • Dan

    haha cheers!!! In person masterminds way more fun / useful than expected, next year we’ll bring them back with improvements and probably add workshops and training as well.

  • Another incredible weekend! Thanks for putting this together and I look forward to collecting my third red wristband at DCBKK 2014 :)

  • Dan

    Thanks James, certainly helps when you are there !!! :D

  • Matt – yep, my best ideas have come from connecting things that don’t seem like they’re related.

  • I don’t want to be that guy, but in this case I have to- I told ya so. ;-p

  • Dan


  • Ian,da boss in the 2nd picture.

    Damn, next year I’ll fly around the world to attend.It seems just awesome.

  • Dan

    haha yeah buddy, hope so!!!!

  • Ian

    It was indeed awesome if I say so myself… see you then!

  • Ian

    Great idea Joseph, maybe we’ll do a spin off. I can think of a few other rap songs that have potential as well.

  • great event, great episode. Classy.

  • I like your reading fiction, I also devalue to much fact chasing. You need imagination, and to enjoy the art of others who master their imagination. Thereby in reading exceptionally classic material that you know by title for the first time is one of this enlightening moments in life nothing can substitute.

    I do, however, enjoy non-fiction, the Harvard way – observing case studies with actual results! That said, I rarely engage in theory! ;)

  • Dan

    me too, sometimes non-fiction stories if told really well resonate better for me…. can be tougher to find them, but I feel like this genre is growing lately.

  • Dan

    thanks James !

  • Podcast Listener

    Why the hate on callcenter headsets? :P

    I love higher end Plantronics headsets – best voice quality around.

  • Dan

    haha I love them and they got us our start, something to me that is a hilarious picture is the authority podcaster with the call center headset, somehow it undermines your authority in a kind and comical way… i like it, but i can’t help mentioning it :)

  • Yo boys thanks for having me on the panel and great event!

  • Ian

    Fantastic having you James.

  • Troy Swezey

    Yes, loved the intro. In fact, I loved it SO much I transcribed it and, with proper links and credits, posted it on my blog today at and tomorrow I will post it at my other blog- where if anyone here ever wants to guest post, just let me know.
    Thanks DAN and IAN! Great job!

  • Dan


  • Dan

    absolutely thanks for coming Joe !

  • Scott Brills

    Great times as always–thanks for sitting in on my Mastermind Dan, definitely got some actionable goodness.

    Also, I’m with Damian on the 10 Crack Commandments–awesome.

  • Dan

    cheers Scott I had a blast, thanks for listening to my blather, I had a lot of fun hearing about everyone’s projects.

  • CJMoore

    +1 for the 10 Crack Commandments. Marc Ecko created a whole skillshare class about business based on the 10 Crack Commandments, hilarious

  • :D

  • Ryan

    don’t forget movies & I agree!
    I remember Ender’s Game driving home the importance of being a connector

    ps. about to check out your tropicalentreprenuer podcasts

    curious about south America. Asuncion, Paraguay has been the dream since before I discovered lifestyle biz

  • Matthew Newton

    Reaction – of all the places in South America, you’d struggle to name a city or country less attractive to me.

    If you do head down, check out Colombia, Argentina, Brazil.

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