TMBA 218 : The Consultant’s Handbook – How to Make Location Independent Income Quickly

TMBA 218 : The Consultant’s Handbook – How to Make Location Independent Income Quickly post image

We’ve gotten a few phone calls recently that set us off on a path to the discussion we had this week on the Tropical MBA Podcast. Making location independent income quickly is very doable, especially going the route of the consultant.

There are a few keys to making it work the right way and eventually being able to move it into something bigger, and that’s what this episode is all about.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Baller ideas on how to reach out to (and meet up with) influencers.
  • How to pick the right market for your consultancy.
  • Why you shouldn’t participate in any story you can’t tell.
  • The value and critical importance of the monthly business (as well as how to make it happen).
  • The only thing small businesses care about now are results.

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 11.14.13
  • JakeReed

    F*** it we’ll do it live! = How I feel every time I push out code changes to production….

  • martyn

    Loved today’s episode as consulting is the humble road I have taken since starting my company 3 years ago.

    I have found Alan Weiss’s book ‘The Consulting Bible’ to be absolutely indispensable, and his website has tonnes of really useful templates and tips too that have been brilliant for learning how to deal with corporate clients.

    I’ve found marketing b2b challenging, and my market (data analytics) is crowded by some of the larger consultancies, which is both a pro and con. It has served to be a great introduction to becoming an entrepreneur and I’m now branching out into online training, custom software and outsourcing too, Fun times.

    In terms of the original ‘4HWW’ setup, consulting is definitely the easiest inroad to starting a business, although it will afford you less free time than starting any other kind of business and you will hit a ceiling with income when you max out your client time. Would highly recommend it though!

  • All solid points in here, gents, especially about focusing on one target market. At the beginning, I had a lot of resistance to niching down, but once I finally did it, and it’s been the single best decision I’ve made in my consulting biz. “To broaden your appeal, narrow your position.”

  • Loved the intro guys, good stuff.

    We’re working with a conversion expert now, BTW. Thanks for motivating us!

  • Dan

    Nice quote! Always nice to see you round these parts Joe :)

  • Dan

    Cheers Martyn great suggestion there !

  • Dan

    rock on! Love the shorter line width on your blog now!

  • Dan


  • LOVE that thought — if your podcast not worth it for 10 people, it’s not worth it full stop. Great reminder.

  • Dan

    cheers! :) How’s your new show going?

  • I have a bad habit of commenting during the podcast which makes me want to leave 5 comments on the same show.

    Early days man – website is live as of two hours ago actually and we’re not in iTunes yet – but having a lot of fun with it.

    We’re happy with what we’re putting out, feedback has been good from the initial list… now to see what the marketplace thinks. Thanks for your encouragement with this and for pushing me to do it.

  • Joseph Hughes.. rings a bell.. can’t figure it out.

  • Selling The Invisible, by Harry Beckwith. A top book for any service-based business owner. h/t Sebastian Marshall for the reco.

  • And it’s always good to be here sir!

  • No I mean. You. Joseph Hughes!

    But yes the quote was also killer.

  • This episode has won the crown of my favorite. Finding marketing solutions can seem daunting, but this podcast gives me hope for getting results and building real legacy.

  • Dan

    Thanks a lot for that Kyle appreciate it !

  • Dan

    haha so great to see you out there. I’m working out my “hater” comment (great idea), saw your post today off a twitter link really cool… subscribed!

  • Thanks man, really means a lot. After years in the shadows am looking forward to coming out and seeing what I’m capable of.

  • Also, just got my first post RT’d by John Chow, with 102,000 followers… let’s see if that does anything.

  • I’m going to listen to this audio cast soon. I imagine that it will be interesting as usual.

  • Brandon

    Awesome episode as usual guys. Great info especially for someone looking at starting a consulting gig. One thing though, I really do want to know how much that race weekend Ian was talking about really costs…. Road racing is my passion as well and was really quite curious… Keep up the great works guys!

  • Dan

    haha cheers Brandon I’ll send the bossman an email regarding your inquiry! Thanks for listening :)

  • Ian

    Hi Brandon. I’ve heard World Challenge can be 35-50K per weekend. A seat in the MX-5 pro cup will run you about 6k per weekend. Regional SCCA / NASA racing in a spec miata rental will run about 2k.

  • Marco Schwartz

    Great podcast guys ! As my consulting work is the major part of my income at the moment, I really learned a lot in that episode, and I also got a copy of the Consulting Bible book.

    Just one random thought: the “PPCMonkey” website idea made me laugh a lot, and for sure it’s a catchy name. But wouldn’t it be a thumbs down from the start when you go to a new prospect and say “Hi I’m Marco from xyzMonkey” ?

  • Dan

    You mean because it’s a little weird? To me “MarketingMonkey” is better than “Marketing Solutions Inc.”

    Just from the perspective of being memorable. That said I don’t really like Monkeys. :)

  • Awesome content on consulting guys. Kept rewinding and taking notes. What do you guys recommend for closing deals remotely for consulting product businesses. Also thoughts on working in Bali timezone vs North American timezones.


    p.s. I heard on the podcast you were trying to get feedback on a valet product your developing. I’ve used to be a valet and can answer any questions

  • Dan

    Hey thank you for that! To be honest, I think living in Asia can be really difficult for working the phones with clients back home. In my case it forced me to work a lot more on online only sales tactics, but if you’ve got the hustle muscle it’s just a matter of staying up late / waking up early.

  • Revisiting this epi was HUGE. Charles T. and I are stuck in freelance/consulting purgatory, and now I see why: it’s time for some sandbox experimentation.

    Cheers Dan!

  • Dan

    hey thanks for that Danny!!!! :D

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    good look man!

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