TMBA 414: 5 Days in Thailand

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Today Dan and Ian are going to be talking about their biggest long weekend of the year.

They are fresh off the heels of DCBKK, the annual event that they host in Bangkok for entrepreneurs and members of The Dynamite Circle.

Hundreds of them, many of whom are listeners of this show, migrate to Southeast Asia in October to attend. They do so with the intention of focusing their time and energy on improving their businesses, hanging out with others doing the same and also having fun in the great city of Bangkok.

In this week’s episode, our hosts will be sharing their five biggest takeaways from this year’s conference. You’ll also hear them talk about what makes a profitable event and how they are planning on ramping things up for 2018.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The true value of meetups. (6:50)
  • One of the major themes at this year’s conference. (12:01)
  • What it means to have a “high quality problem.” (15:24)
  • How we have built relationships with sponsors for our events and for this podcast. (20:18)
  • What happens when entrepreneurs “grow up”. (34:30)

Mentioned in the episode:

This week’s sponsor:

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Thanks for listening to our show! We’ll be back next Thursday morning 8AM EST. Cheers, Dan & Ian

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Published on 11.09.17
  • Anders

    Congratulations Ian!
    Life will never be the same again (in a good way that is :-) )

  • Chris Ward

    Your feed doesn’t work on PocketCasts on Android anymore for some reason? Last episode release is showing as May.

  • Jeremy

    A mention! Thanks guys.

    Amazing conference as well. It was the first time I made it to the BKK event. Look forward to years ahead. One of my favorite parts is meeting up with people I have only spoken to online for years, or maybe saw them 2 years ago at another event, and get to catch up over a Conrad lunch and talk about life.

  • Great episode guys – enjoyed the takeaways. The DC is definitely growing up! (I have grey hairs in my beard too…). Thought-provoking conversation we had on the boat, definitely think there’s value in non-money-making stuff too, though it’s harder to quantity (and talk about, hence my sheepish-ness!) :) Look forward to seeing you next year.

  • Great work, as always! Big up to you two and the whole DCBKK team for another great event. Looking forward to #7 (#6 for me) in 2018!

    Sidenote: why the header photo of Malaysia for the post about Thailand?

  • Jane Beresford

    Producer Jane here. Yep, you are totally right. Knew someone would spot that. Damn! Header pics are drawn from a ‘stockpot’ of the TMBA team’s Iphone snaps that we feed in as we travel. Truth = we were having too much fun at DCBKK to take pics!! *busted*

  • found one! :D updated to BKK skyline shot

  • Dye Junior

    Congrats, Ian! I’m sure being the Boss Man was nice while it lasted…

  • Congrats Ian!

  • Jay Mckinlay


    I am flying into Bangkok in a couple of weeks (en route to Chiang Mai) , you have defiantly got me excited for this! You have also got me keen to dive deeper into meeting up and interact with other like minded humans, i can defiantly see some huge benefits from chatting and bouncing ideas around. Its something that I have never even thought about before.

    Another REALLY great podcast guys, keep them coming!

  • Fair ’nuff! haha

  • There we go~ :)

  • Jane Beresford

    Clearly taken from a bar …

  • cheers Tristan thanks for being a part of it! :)

  • love that bit too

  • thank you for the heads up Chris!!! we’re trying to address this ATM we’re not 100% sure what the problem is.

  • thanks Jay good luck on your adventure

  • hehe

  • Britt

    Going to keep an eye out for the next conference coming up! The part that really resonated with me was not being afraid to discuss our other pursuits. I got into this as a hobby and it has turned into a business. I find other interests I have and pursue end up completing this one. I was am pursuing a language (Spanish) and it has ended up helping so much with growth in our European market.

  • Great to hear there are more meetups planned in the next year. When will the Lissabon one happen?
    Lissabon already hosted MicroConf EU this year, and there is a really active community.

  • cheers !

  • Lisbon scheduled for Sept.

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