TMBA 352: Symptoms: Sleeplessness, Loneliness, Stress. Possible Diagnosis: Entrepreneurship

TMBA352: Symptoms: Sleeplessness, Loneliness, Stress. Possible Diagnosis: Entrepreneurship post image

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Founding a business can be extremely emotionally, and physically, draining. Dan and Ian are very familiar with the personal toll that the process can take on aspiring entrepreneurs.

A lot of times starting out means that you are broke and/or relying on your friends, family or ‘significant other’ to support you. For some, it can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression. Christopher Sutton knows these feelings all too well. A few years ago, Christopher wrote a blog post about what it was like to experience the emotional roller coaster of starting his own business, Easy Ear Training.

On this week’s episode, you will hear Christopher talk about what that felt like, as well has how he found support through this podcast and our community, the Dynamite Circle.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How starting a business can force you to focus on personal development. (3:18)
  • What kinds of things Christopher discovered about himself when he became an entrepreneur. (5:19)
  • Why Christopher decided to start a business, even though he didn’t fit the classic entrepreneurial type. (6:46)
  • What made Christopher resist using the term “Lifestyle Business”. (18:46)
  • How much Christopher’s business changed after he joined the Dynamite Circle. (29:00)

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 09.01.16
  • Karen Amundson

    Great podcast title: Resonated and sucked me in immediately. Does the DC offer any sort of executive training or skill development with things like management and negotiation?

  • thanks Karen, there are people in the DC who work on such topics and discussions about them (and we have workshops on those topics at our events), but DC itself doesn’t currently offer training

  • Tung Tran

    Great episode! The DC definitely changed my life too in a lot of positive ways.

    I went from a shy and lonely Vietnamese boy (people back home thought I was really weird doing the online things and follow a no-carb diet) to now having great friends all over the world.

    Thanks you Dan and Ian for starting this awesome community :)

  • cheers Tung :) our pleasure and see ya soon

  • Karen Amundson

    OK, Thank you!

  • Tom Enns

    I loved the bit about ‘how did you start listening to TMBA.’ I have no idea either. Apart from being an avid follower, I also listen to reruns when I need a pickmeup to push me from freelancer to business owner.

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