TMBA 066 (LBP66) – The Tao of the Hustle

TMBA 066 (LBP66) – The Tao of the Hustle post image

In this week’s episode, Dan and Ian talk about hustling. Most people are better at talking about hustling than actually getting it done. Tweeting that you are hustling doesn’t mean you’re hustlin’. :)

Just sitting in front of your laptop for 60 hours/week is not enough. If you listen to this episode, “The Tao of the Hustle”, you’ll learn the character traits that make an authentic hustler.

In the quick tips section you’ll learn of a tool that makes working at night less eye-straining. If you are a Reddit-fan you will also appreciate the Reddit enhancer that helps you waste even more time on Reddit.

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Good times recording the Podcast

Published on 08.04.11
  • SuperLinkJuice

    Yeah Buddy… up Hustling Early No Grind no Shine!!!!

    Great Episode……as expected (Full of Hustle Talk)

    The Soundtrack of Episode #66

  • Dan

    Haha now that’s good stuff!!! Good to see you up and out of the sack :)

  • Joel Runyon | [BIT]

    The Kool-Aid Man Reference is baller. That is all. 

  • Dan


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  • Missy Cooke

    This is awesome stuff! I found myself vigorously taking notes and replaying parts to make sure I heard everything. I just started following you guys and I’ve been cycling through old shows all day long trying to soak it all up. Thanks for this!

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