TMBA 113 (LBP102) – The Drama Denominator: Finding The Cause Of Your Biggest Business Problems

TMBA 113 (LBP102) – The Drama Denominator: Finding The Cause Of Your Biggest Business Problems post image

Yeah Buddy! Another week and another chance to talk biznass is always a good combo. Once again Ian and Dan are talking marriage in business, discussing partnerships and what matters and what doesn’t in the listener questions. Thankfully Dan doesn’t nag Ian on his greasy oil change habits. Much.

With all the questions coming in and advice going out here at LBP, Ian and Dan realized that may of the questions fall into 4 general categories.

What Are The Four Pieces of Advice Dan & Ian Dish Out Regularly?

  • If You Have Limited Resources Get A Foothold In The Market
  • You Have 3 Seconds To Tell People What To Do – Not 3 Minutes
  • You Are The Common Denominator In The Drama In Your Life
  • The Internet Is Not A Business – It’s A Tool Through Which You Operate Your Business

Listener Questions/Comment:

  • I feel like to really succeed and build or maintain any momentum I need to find a business partner. I want to have someone to help me stay accountable, discuss strategy and take on a fair share of the work load. My problem is finding that person and establishing a clearly laid out business agreement. My #1 concern is entering a business agreement or partnership on a project and the other person not fulfilling their end and then owning equity in the business. – Ryan
  • How long should we wait to establish a business entity instead of receiving money in our personal account? – John


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes



Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 33:28


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Published on 05.10.12
  • Just tried to download direct. It’s linked to last week’s podcast.

  • Whoops! Thanks for catching that John – updated now. :)

  • One more nice episode, guys.

    Ryan, shoot me an email (paulo-at-domain), I’d like a accountability partner. You can see more about my background here


  • Love your thoughts on specialisation, guys. You are so right. I have had this argument with way too many people. Way too many.

    But then again – wherever there’s an obvious reality that noone is grasping, you’re either insane or there’s opportunity.

    Argh I just love this podcast too much. The three second thing, absolutely nailed it. Man, you guys always just nail it.

  • Oh great. So you decide to put up your productivity music literally at exactly the same time I just finished approximately 100 hours worth of work paring down a list of 9777 keywords to 2087 keywords for a website I’m doing. The joys.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    haha I’ll choose insane.

  • Dan


  • Ridiculously good. Hammering that advice, man.

    I’ve been finally getting it the past few months. The coin drop. Now I look for any way possible to test hyper focused niches.

    I’ve seen the light. Thanks.

  • Dan

    Thanks Johan I appreciate all your encouragement over the past few months! You’ve also been doing great on Tim’s podcast! Maybe it’s worth starting your own!?

  • Haha, I’ve thought about it. I haven’t even had time to fool around on my own blog, although that has changed a little bit.

    Want to be my first guest? We’ll talk about 4th wave stuff, Quest of Entrepreneurship: The Hero’s Journey, pursuing business as self-expression, identity evolution, and argue of OMM writer vs. ByWord, Girl Talk vs. Bootie

  • Dan

    haha sure man sounds good!

  • Awesome Guys. Exactly what I needed to hear.

  • It was driving me insane, lol.

  • Ian

    That’s what we do best!

  • Best. Episode. Ever.
    And No.4…thanks, guys. It took Penguin to make me understand this.

  • Really good podcast – I like the no-BS vibe when it comes to treating online business as a business. This is one of only 5 podcasts that I listen to at this point.

  • Dan

    Cheers Amanda thanks for that!!

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Thanks Matt. Do you mind sharing the other 4? I’m always looking for new stuff to check out.

  • Perfect example of how specialization works happened to me today.

    I have a very niche blog – DriverlessCarHQ. Terrible design but we are building it up, 115 posts or so now.

    We have gone from writing the first 100 posts with not ONE comment to getting mentioned in US News this week.. and… I just got off the phone from and they will be quoting us in a story tomorrow! How’s that for win!

  • Dan

    AWESOME! you’ve got a hard case of the winning sir. We’ll done!!! Gonna send the link to the boss.

  • Loved this podcast and the drama denominator. I’ve definitely done that before.

    It’s a really easy mental trap to fall into to say “oh I can’t do it because of x”. Where X can be family, friends, relationships, whatever. This is a really insidious form of the resistance because it often seems legit. But no matter how you slice it, it’s still an excuse. If someone like Chris Ducker or Pat Flynn can make it to the top of the entrepreneurial mountain with families and kids, is your excuse still valid?

    One of my favorite commercials ever – the Nike “No Excuses”

  • Dan

    Cheers Dave! Thanks for the link. Agreed… some of the most insidious excuses come wrapped in moral banners. They work so much better that way!

  • Great Podcast as always. I have one junker site, perhaps with this advice I can…ahhh hell I don’t want to think about it tonight – forgot to give you stars damn (tonight is my swearing night)

  • Dan

    hahaha…. yeah a sleep on it is always a good call :)

  • And now CNN emails us to do an interview, but we live in the wrong country. What a week!

  • Andrea

    Thanks for linking to the Robert Locascio’s interview on Mixergy.

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