TMBA 290: A Conversation about Bootstrapping and Drop Shipping with Andrew Youderian

TMBA290: A Conversation about Bootstrapping and Drop Shipping with Andrew Youderian post image

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This week Dan is on vacation in Asia with his family, so I’ve invited Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel onto the show to talk about what it means to be a bootstrapper and the differences between a bootstrap business and funded business. We also share our thoughts about the drop-shipping model and where we see that headed in the next few years, and we discuss the community that Andrew’s building over at eCommerceFuel, where he has been helping entrepreneurs build online eCommerce stores.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • When you should be getting venture capital and when you should be bootstrapping.
  • How Andrew started his first eCommerce business.
  • How and why Andrew reinvested about $50,000 back into his business.
  • The drawbacks and benefits of drop-shipping as a business model.
  • Why Andrew decided to start his own online community.
  • What we have learned from running communities of our own.

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Dan & Ian


Published on 04.16.15
  • ajaylsimha51

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  • TJ

    This was an interesting episode that confirmed some of my concerns about the drop shipping business model. Ian did a great job of holding down the fort, but I missed some of the usual two-way interaction.

  • I thought you did awesome Ian. As a member of both these communities I appreciate the exploration about how to retain members. I know that you guys have people that are managing the communities but I think sending out communication now and again to the list directly would go a long way. The reality is that what attracted me to the communities was your personalities, knowledge and perspective on the subjects—the communities are a by-product of your intended vision and offer value but access and connection to the source is what keeps me connected.

  • Thanks for listening, and for being a member Derek! And really appreciate the advice in terms of direct communications. I’m adding that to my to-do list, to start regularly a special note and/or weekly newsletter to the community.



  • Great episode Ian and Andrew. W.r.t. community software… I ran into Brad Pauly at MicroConf last year. He’s the developer behind Alex Hillman is his partner on it and has a ton of experience in building/managing communities. I think it’s what you guys are after.

    Alex Hillman talks about it lots in this podcast:

  • cheers Brad thanks for the heads up!

  • cheers Derek appreciate that feedback!

  • cheers TJ, I think after having done both if I were to start again I’d go all in again for the long term asset value over a few years of cash flow and work

  • Ian

    Agreed Derek!

  • Paris

    Great episode Ian and Andrew. I found to be a good example. They are also dealers in cb radios and accessories. Check them out!!!

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