TMBA 182 (LBP151) – Social Feedback Strategy and Adwords Landing Pages

TMBA 182 (LBP151) – Social Feedback Strategy and Adwords Landing Pages post image

Dan and Ian are coming at you from Italy this week with inspiration from the stately statues designed in Ian’s likeness.  The fellas have chiseled out their incredibly effective strategy for testing and launching physical products and will lay out the simple system for you in this episode.  Their method is an upgrade on Tim Ferriss’ ever famous Adwords traffic to a test landing page strategy.  You may need to have a seat for this episode because you’ll be empowered to think of how you can implement the strategy with your business.

Who Needs Social Feedback?  You Do.

  • What the social feedback strategy is and how you can leverage it to test product ideas.
  • The product types that Adwords is still highly useful for and the types that are less attractive now-a-days.
  • The two pivot points from the Adwords landing page approach that amplify your business’ potential.
  • How to use a WIIFM proposal and GAS to drive potential customers to your offering.


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Episode length: 24:04

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Published on 04.11.13
  • this is one of your best episodes. Awesome!

  • Dan

    Cheers James thanks !

  • I met a man and women last night who have been in a fishing/rod and reel business for 16 years and I was telling them about this weeks episode. It was a great conversation because this guy, Josh, has been super into T Ferriss’ work for many years now and has implemented a ton of his ideas from 4hww and 4HB into his business and life. He was talking about ‘minimal viable product’ and rapid testing which moved into conversations about old 4hww techniques and updating them to more current and relevant methods such as launching and testing products via social media and blogging like you guys were talking about here. Anyways, not sure where I’m going with this but it was super rad to talk to someone who’s been in the game for a long time and to connect about similar stuff.
    If I continue to have a relationship with this guy I’m going to turn him on to the LBP.

  • Dan

    yeah man I’m not surprised many people are adapting here… in particular with blogging and having your own “media channel”… people say stuff like “social media” and they think “facebook” but it’s more proper to think “your own tv channel” and to treat it that way. back in the day business owners would pay a lot to get their stuff on TV, now you just… well, you know… blog it. :)

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