TMBA 184 (LBP152) – The 10 Travel Commandments

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Dan and Ian are drifting into your earbuds this week from Berlin where the DC BER meetup is in full swing.  With all the talk of people traveling in for the event, and some recent European adventures between Dan, Ian and both their parents there have been travel tips flying all over the place.

In this week’s episode, the fellas compile their top ten commandments of travel, packing and avoiding hassle so you can jump straight to first class status.  For any of you that travel or are looking to do some in the future (yep, that’s you) this episode is packed with advice from the veterans.

Passport? Check. Visa? Check. Rolling Suitcase? Uncheck.

  • Why the fellas have considered changing the title of the podcast to The Business Lifestyle Podcast.
  • The top concepts and tricks Dan and Ian use during their travels to avoid major headache.
  • Why you should always leave 20% of space left free in your bags.
  • What your first priority should be within 30 minutes of landing in a new country.
  • Why travel time can be the most productive and valuable hours in your day.



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Published on 04.18.13
  • Great ep guys, but one more reason to own an Android phone is that Google Translate on Android has downloadable language packs so it works offline:

  • Hey, if you guys are going to give great travel advice, I might have to start giving business advice on the Amateur Traveler podcast. Be warned ;-)

    P.S. loved to hear the SeatGuru reference, used to run it for TripAdvisor

  • Hey guys – Great episode… FYI there’s now MapsWithMe (, a map app that works fully offline. You just download your country beforehand and boom!

  • damianruse

    Yo! More travel hotness: Use Incognito mode or even a proxy server when you buy airline tickets online. Airline website cookies increase the price every time you visit. Enjoy DCBER.

  • Loved the episode. Ive been trying to find a bag solution myself. Bought a surge II after checking in with you guys.

    Only thing i want to disagree with is .. I have another bag that’s both a backpack and its has wheels/handle…

    The surge backpack is better but when you on a long trip wheels help carry the load. Also i know some female friends that don’t like the rucksack straps!

    Looking forward to the next episode.. happy tavelling

  • Inspiring episode. I love working at airports and on board. I seem to be focusing on different stuff than at home. Kind of dissociated from the business in a good way. Leaving Copenhagen now for Berlin. Can’t wait to meet you guys. ;).

  • Good episode for sure. One thing that I don’t agree though is the tip with Google translate – on most smaller languages it is awful awful awful. Two examples of this are my native Finnish as well as Hungarian (country where I live now).

  • Simon Whistler

    Great ep, thanks. I don’t roll on long haul flights (day pack in the hold, laptop bag as hand luggage), but within Europe there are a bunch of roll bags that are the exact maximum dimensions for RyanAir, EasyJet etc, so you can carry a good amount of stuff without getting stung by those extra baggage fees!

  • Hey Dan and Ian all the cool kids call it Digital Scrapbooking!! :) Pic stitcher is a nice little app for that :)

  • soloconsulting

    I’m gonna have to insist you make an audio drop out of Ian’s “hipster” crack when Dan mentions collages

  • Dan

    haha I think that can be done.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Good point there! Also USA / Euro probably net better for wheels than more developing places.

  • Dan

    didn’t know that!

  • Dan

    had a blast brother! see ya soon.

  • Dan

    i like the idea of a hybrid.. haven’t ween many cool bags with this feature but assume it will be coming down the pike more often. glad you liked the episode !

  • Dan

    :D haha would love to hear it!!!

  • Dan

    rock on thanks DT!

  • CloudVentures Online

    They are coming :-) most “hybrids” suffer from poor quality bags/straps but that can be resolved.

  • What? no rolling? You also forgot the rule where you need to travel with your mountain bike

  • Ian

    that’s one of my hacks too!

  • Ian

    That’s advanced Brendan, are you bringing it to viet? Would love to do that ride again in Bali…

  • Ian

    Great to meet you this weekend @DCBER Anders, look forward to meeting up again.

  • Hey Dan and Ian, what’s your preferred dopp kit / toiletries bag for traveling?

  • You Too. I am glad we had a chance to talk Sunday morning. Sorry I missed you at lunch for goodbyes. ;)

  • Me too. ;)

  • Na only going to stay for 3 nights for a visa run so too much hassle to bring it for a short trip…thinking of a bali visa run later in the year and will definitely be hitting that ride up again

  • Great episode, love the travel related talks! I’m breaking your first rule though as I am a roller now, mainly because of dodgy back. I like not having a sweaty back now, but the cobbled streets of Europe are a challenge.

  • Dan

    Rock on cheers!

  • Dan

    Lot’s of high profile rollers coming out after this ep, you are in great company :) I’m open to lightweight wheels on these day pack style bags, I’m seeing more of that in the market. Maybe Jimmy will help.

  • Dan
  • Danny Fries

    Cheers Dan.

  • Such a great episode! Hope you don’t mind, but we took all your awesome commandments, added our own, then shoved them all into a very long blog post!

  • Dan

    cheers wonderful article loved hearing your added ideas there !!!

  • yesa

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  • Chiane

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  • Alain Dance


    I am Airbnb professional. If you ever come to Montreal, I would LOVE to host you. I have four properties in the coolest neighborhood of the city. My calendars are Always up to date.

    By the way, if you take Airbnb as a profession, it it a great way to make a living. Low stress and nice pay.

    Thank you for podcast. I love it.

    PS. I am also a tango teacher. I just created a website that will allow me to bring Tango to the world. I will be providing instructional videos. I will have the “Free version” to bring in traffic and the premium version where I will be each step in great detail for the students to see.

  • Alain Dance

    I am Android person. I just got the Pro HDR. Thanks.

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