TMBA 052 (LBP52) – A Fail Proof Method For Success

TMBA 052 (LBP52) – A Fail Proof Method For Success post image

In this episode, Dan and Ian have a special guest: @SeanOgle. Sean is a successful online entrepreneur who works with Dan and Ian. Together, they discuss a fail proof method for success (hint: it has to do with networking).

Furthermore, they talk about new findings from the SEO trenches.

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Published on 02.02.11
  • FIRST!

    Ok, going to go listen now.

    (Yes, I’m a nerd)

  • Anonymous


  • Thanks for getting to my question guys. I do have a few “Angles” in mind I’ll toss your way after I’ve sharpened the bit some more.

    Had you not answered my question, I’d still say this was one of the better shows you guys have put together.

    Great insight all around.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that Michael :) We look forward to hearing about your progress..

  • 6 week schedule.

    Also, check out if you want to buy domain names. Great way to combine & find awesome domain names as well as find out in real time whether domains are available. Note to Ian: Block this website from Dan’s computer unless you want him to have the company go bankrupt.

    P.s. Love the video dan :)

  • Anonymous

    ahahahaaaazha… I am bad with this stuff gonna check it out thanks :D

  • For the record, I just want you to know I’ve loved Lifestyle business podcast before SpotHero was ever mentioned :) I think RankRat and ResortRebel are AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see what becomes of them. SpotHero was awesome, though I must admit I’ve made some bad impulse purchases. I bought and because of naive over excitement of the number of people searching for that term before I realized the “intent” of the people searching for that term. Very useless. Anyways, definitely there are good domain names out there.

  • This is one of the best episodes you guys have done. Awesome that Shogle could share his thoughts, lots of smart tips from that guy. That tip for exact match domains is ridiculously good, I’ll be using that.

    And Joel got me hooked on a while back (saw his comment), beware. It’s funny I was just on there and bought a domain right before I put the podcast on.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Nate. We are stoked to keep improving the show.

  • Anonymous

    haha, thats exactly why we are calling you out! :D

  • Ian

    Joel, clearly I have no power. I even set up a clever 24 hour waiting period before purchasing domains.. Now all I can do is try and make sure we only purchase for 1 year and no auto renewals.

  • Another fantastic podcast guys.

    I’ve found with Yahoo that if you pay using a card that will expire within the year then they will not be able to re-bill you. If you have a good site then odds on that they will just leave it there as opposed to removing it following a review. If they do remove it, well I guess that you can always pay again.

    Another good directory that is trusted by google because they don’t just let anyone in is

  • I have the same problem with the QB, even looking at moving the webstore and using the online system, because it is integrated. Not thrilled with that option, but a few years ago I used a trial version of T-Hub, it worked, more or less, I had a hard time with it but others really liked it. It grabbed orders and integrated it to QB, it might be worth another shot. just Google T-Hub so you can see all the sites.

  • ahh Scratch the T-Hub idea, reading more current reviews, it hasn’t gotten better. Sorry!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Deano, interesting tip… regarding BOTW I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten listen in that damn thing!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dirndl, looks like we are going to experiment with downloading the newest version of QB online edition and then exporting our cart sales in compatible CSV files. We’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Hey guys, I have helped a couple clients do what you want. Maybe I missed it, but what cart are you using? I’ve tried a TON of shopping carts (all the major ones anyway) out there and frankly most of them miss the boat. The best one I’ve used so far is Ultracart… not for the UI, frankly their admin UI sucks. But they integrate with everyone and they do an awesome job with Quickbooks exports (which is why I started with the cart before the… nevermind). I can’t say enough good things about them. I deal with several clients that need to have fulfillment center integration, and outfits like 1shoppingcart completely bungle it.

    For my own personal stuff I avoid Quickbooks like the plague. Can’t stand it. And from what I understand their online version isn’t ready for primetime. I actually use Outright and have it automagically sync my paypal, bank and freshbooks account info for me so I have yet to enter one line into it.

    Oh, and not to drone on here, but I love the comment about you expecting a bit of professionalism when people reach out to you… I had someone the other day send me a text expecting me to drop everything to help them, and they wrote the damn thing like they were drunk. I thought I was overreacting to it, good to see I’m not alone in expecting more.

    Keep up the good work, fellas!

  • Another great show guys! I got so much value from the interview with Sean. Immediately after listening to your show yesterday I checked out namespro and bought 3 domains for new projects that I’ve been thinking about pursuing. Today’s about taking action on developing the strategies for those sites! All thanks to you!

  • Anonymous

    Yo! Eric thanks for the comment. Right now we are using ubercart in Drupal. We customize it to our needs. I think we want to stick with that solution, so now we are just looking in to what to do about QB. I’m pretty sure it would take a whole lot to convince us to move to another platform.

    Totally know what you mean about the email thing. I’m actually much more accepting of bloggers who post spelling errors on their blogs and stuff like that– i mean that’s their real estate, but when its in my inbox I feel a little insulted.

  • Anonymous

    Got it!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Paul thanks for dropping by to share that. My vote goes for Sean starting his own podcast he’s a great communicator. Glad to hear you got some actionable stuff out of it!

  • Anonymous

    You guys are awesome!!

  • Guys,

    Great work as always. Wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan and always look forward to your new episodes.

    Can’t wait for new ones from some new amazing place.

    Keep up the great work.

    Taxes for Expats

  • I’ll start my own podcast as soon as I find someone to do all the editing for me :) Thanks for the kind words Paul, good luck with the new ventures!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Looking forward to you teaching us a thing or two about taxes! We are working on the amazing places part, but San Diego ain’t so bad for now :D

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!!! I wish Ian’s cat agreed with you.

  • Great, useful information guys — thanks for your time and work on these wonderful podcasts and for reminding us about the value of networking and how to do it right ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for listening Elisa, honor to have you here :D

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  • Hi Guys,
    Just adding to the Quickbooks issue. I’m having an e-store built around X-cart Gold and noticed that it has a built in Quickbooks module. I’m a MYOB person so won’t be using it but thought I’d let you all know about it as from my limited time with x-cart I’m pretty impressed with how flexible this cart is. Cheers :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey thanks a lot for that heads up Glenys!

  • Hey Guys,

    I just found your show on iTunes and am really enjoying it. I’ve been kinda semi doing what you guys talk about for several years, but in less sunny places.. But its only in the last 2 weeks that I heard the term ‘location independence’ before.

    Keep up the great work,


  • I appreciate the advice on being in the Yahoo directory if you get sand boxed. Here’s my memory hack for this nugget of advice… I visualize someone screaming ‘Yahoo’ and sand flying out of their mouth, The Mummy style… Great advice on exact match domain names! I just picked up… Great success awaits mahahahaha evil laugh mahahahaha

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