TMBA 277: How Does Location Independence Affect Relationships and Families?

TMBA277: How Does Location Independence Affect Relationships and Families? post image

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I’m in the beautiful South Philippines today and in this very location last year, I met today’s guests, Paul and Becky Kortman. The Kortmans are a big family with a unique story. Paul runs his own digital marketing agency called Connex Social. Last year they sold their house and 90% of their belongings and decided to hit the road. They ended up taking 25 flights and visiting over 30 different locations. We’re gonna talk about how location independence effects family, relationships and business. We’ll also discuss how they rebounded from losing 90% of their revenue, and what the experience was like traveling with a six person family around the world.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why they decided to sell everything and take a six month adventure.
  • What Paul and Becky did to prepare their family to adjust to this new lifestyle.
  • Why they believe that this experience is healthy for their children.
  • How they adjusted to losing 90% of their revenue and what they would have done differently in retrospect.
  • What is different about traveling with children and how their kids feel about being location independent.
  • What kind of educational options are available for location independent parents.

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Paul, Becky, Alia, Josiah, Thys, and Zander

Paul, Becky, Alia, Josiah, Thys, and Zander

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Dan & Ian


Published on 01.15.15
  • Julian

    First of all, it seems to affect your spelling (see title of this post). Then I guess you mispell something in an e-mail to your friends, which leads to a misunderstanding. As a result, you don’t have any friend left.

  • thanks updated!

  • Melissa AuClair

    Fun show! I don’t have kids but I’ll be recommending this episode to some of my friends with little ones. The conversation around traditional scripts/ healthcare/ home-school/ hospitals/favorite memories- all very fun. I love how Paul and Becky identified a pain point/problem through their own experiences and created a membership site. The information you guys provide about business teaches me the “how”, the off-the-beaten-road travel stories of location independents remind me of my “why”!

  • Heh, it may be fixed now but Facebook’s OpenGraph hasn’t been so forgiving to people who have already shared. :)

  • VERY interesting about this experience being healthy for kids. I like that point. Me and my wife (in 2 days) aren’t planning on kids but if we did we wonder how being globe trotting pro bloggers would affect kids if we did go that route. I see both sides; on one hand stability suffers and I imagine kids like that but you expose them to different cultures which rocks for tolerance and you also teach them to be comfy with being uncomfortable, and that’s the best lesson you can teach any human being ;)

    Thanks Dan and Ian for the share!


  • Ryan, it really depends on the kids. Each person (child) is unique and like we mentioned in the podcast as nomads if a certain aspect of life where we are isn’t good then we adjust it. For example if a child needed the routine of years in one place we’d adjust to that and provide stability. It’s about choosing what is best for all members of the family. And there’s always trade offs!

  • Thank you Melissa! Love the script talk too, so much more there!

  • :(

  • my guess is that you’d see more resistance from older kids who want to hang with their friends, it’s tough to imagine young ones not getting a lot out of the experience.

  • I wish I could say ‘hi’ to you guys here in Sunny Cebu. The Sinulog festival just ended and maybe you were in town. :)

  • ah cool went there a few years back!

  • Leroy Smith

    What an awesome episode, as I am from South Africa it is always good to hear that Nomads are making down here. In addition I agree there is very little online in the way of Nomadic-anything for families. I am currently building up my writing business to take my own family of 4 on the road in the not-so-far-off future

  • Leroy, We’d love to connect and see what we can do to help you along on that journey. It’d be especially rewarding to help your family overcome obstacles to your dreams. We’re in love with your home culture however we know the struggles of living there and have many friends who want to travel “from” South Africa. Let us know how we can help Perhaps we’ll meet on the road someday or perhaps in SA :) (As I’m sure we’ll be back there again)

  • cheers Leroy best of luck!

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