TMBA201 (TTR37) – How Hyperfocus In Your Marketing Can Lead To Broader Business Opportunities

TMBA201 (TTR37) – How Hyperfocus In Your Marketing Can Lead To Broader Business Opportunities post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published Friday afternoons (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. This week Dan chats with John McIntyre, also affectionately known as The Autoresponder Guy. John was a guest on Episode #17 of TTR talking about how to get killer results with autoresponders, but since that time, he’s making some major moves up the entrepreneurial ladder. He’s here to tell us all about that and more.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • How to succeed by doing something that most people are too afraid to do.
  • Why legibility and passibility are two of the biggest weapons in your marketing arsenal.
  • Two marketing keys that can cause you to win (and how to get them quicker and easier than ever).
  • The value of strategic relationships, and why spending $1,000 at a conference is a worthy investment at the right time.
  • What it means to your business to have klout.
  • The definition of half and half hustle.

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Published on 07.19.13
  • such a great network connecting there. Dan, John, Ben, Andre – epic.

  • Cameron

    “If you just work you’re a martyr, and if you just talk you’re a charlatan.”

    I enjoyed these words.

  • Cristina C. Ansbjerg

    Gold… as usual!

  • Great stuff and timely after our “talk” (read: browbeating) last week.

    You will be happy to know that I am days away from the big reveal of Damian The “XYZ” Guy… ;)

  • I wonder what it will be….?

  • It is the BIGGEST secret in the world, as long as you don’t go to my site, see my email signature, or be anywhere in vicinity to me going on and on about it. I am just hoping it warrants an appearance on TTR in 6 months…

  • Thanks Cristina :-)

  • The Smack Talk Guy?

  • :-)

  • I am already known for that, doesn’t pay much though…

  • Just published, relevant: Be Unapologetically Focused: Why Having a Great Strategy Matters – 99U

  • ww

    Holy crap. This episode really crystalized something about the value of specialization that, looking back, has been totally true across a lot of projects I’ve worked on:

    That marketing yourself as “the specialist at X” – even if you’re not 100% there yet – is a great hack for quickly building up that deep specialist knowledge.

    So the niche selection question isn’t “What am I already a specialist at?” but “What can I specialize in?”

  • Hell yeah. Once you’re “the expert” at a specific thing, you get all the best jobs, and therefore the best experience. It’s literally “act and you shall become”.

  • Dan

    Rock on sir! This is the right mindset.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the link.

  • Dan

    Let’s get crackin’ on that about page!

  • Dan

    Thanks Cristina!

  • Dan

    Nice share, I love this graphic.

  • Dan

    + SCHRAMKO!!!!! :p

  • Yep. Working 1/3rd this weekend on client projects to pay bills, 1/3rd on refreshing Linchpin copy, & 1/3rd working on setalth client projects. #Booyah!

  • The Autoresponder Guy is great… I always find myself learning from him!

  • Focusing really is about “positioning”, isn’t it? Jack Trout (who wrote the book on the subject as we all know), has an EPIC presentation on this that is worth the 5 or 10 grand you’d pay for a marketing course at HBS, Wharton, Stanford GSB et all ==>

  • :-)

  • Amazing book. Recommended reading for anyone reading this – Positioning, (all about this topic)

  • Gary Joynes

    Super useful content. I was speaking to a few people at the weekend who are starting businesses. Their problem is they have a lot of experience and skills in a wide range of marketing disciplines but are having trouble focusing and starting up.

    I’ve sent them a link to this podcast as the way forward!

  • Becca Niederkrom

    Another great show you guys. I have been the “senior citizen tech gal/caregiving tech gal” until the boomers started coming in the masses . . . of course the boomers are pretty offended by my brand and its hard to get testimonials. I knew I had to change but it took some research and feedback and truly a return to one of my original mottos that I would say to Retirement Homes about their residents “its not about the technology but the connection” which I have transitioned to “Connecting the Unconnected for Work, Home, Life” in order to tap into the caregiving side and the boomer side. Anywho, going thru a bit of overhaul on my brand this week and excited to have a name that makes sense to my niche without offending. Moral of the story, its great to have a name like “autoresponder guy” but the names always come after starting. We just don’t know the roadblocks we will run into and the reasoning behind it until we go out there 100%. Just start, then be ready to pivot . . . oh, and pivot again. =) Thanks John and Dan!

  • Brian Dean

    Really enjoyed the one, Dan. I’ve always been a big believer in being a master in one specific area of business.

    As John points out, it’s the fast-track to getting your name out there. The crazy thing is: even if you DO know about a hundred different topics, it’s best not to speak to that.

    The idea of being a “master” of one single thing really resonates with people for some reason.

  • Dan

    The Valve employee handbook calls this type of person (or very close) a “T” person I believe. Somebody who has a broad range of interests and competencies but takes a deep dive in one particular area. Anyway, thanks for listening to the show Brian!

  • Dan

    Absolutely! Totally agree there trying to game this stuff out in advance is generally a waste of time.

  • Dan

    Thanks for that Gary! Very much appreciate it.

  • Scott

    I really liked the part about 50/50 split. Half talk – half taking action. Made a lot of sense to me.

  • Dan

    Thanks Scott !

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