TMBA 230: Entrepreneurial Mindset Fundamentals

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In this week’s episode, I’ve been reflecting about how far things have come since I began dreaming about working remotely. Staying true to that, we are revisiting a previous episode in which Ian and I discussed the less glamorous parts of entrepreneurship, and how to handle the necessary challenges to become a successful entrepreneur.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • 9 tough truths about running or starting your business that bloggers won’t tell you about.
  • How to accept that in order to be successful, you need to be obsessed.
  • Our top 3 tips for people who are getting started with their business.
  • How to change your mindset to a winning one.
  • Some of our favorite software for growing our businesses.

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Published on 02.06.14
  • I’m in my home office this morning drafting oil & gas leases for my day job and I realize there are two podcasts that I REALLLYY look forward to each week.

    1) TMBA
    2) Fizzle Show

    Very different but such a deadly combination. Keep it up Dan and Ian! My mindset is slowly changing and I just may be able to pull off something amazing in 2014, no small thanks to the TMBA.

  • Jacob

    Have fun in Boracay, it is one of the nicest places in Philippines. Waving at you from Manila, trying to make the dream come true :) ….

  • Dillon Carter

    Passionate Fuel for the young and stuck entrepreneur! TMBA always picks me up to keep moving on :)

    @dan Any tips on finding a mentor related to what you want to achieve? Especially if they are location free like you guys in SE Asia etc…

  • Barry

    Thanks Dan. I was just thinking the other day how I missed some of this sort of material your older shows.

  • Dan

    Thanks for that Barry !

  • Dan

    Hey Dillon thanks for that ! :D

    Regarding mentors they might be hiding right under your nose… which people / businesses online are you really attracted to? What products and services do you love to use… also consider where you could have the most impact/provide the most value. Sometimes it’s better to find a mentor who can really benefit a ton from your input over somebody who’s just a superstar.

  • Dan

    Hey Jacob that’s badass sir! There is no way to have a bad time in Boracay! :) Wish you the best with the business

  • Dan

    YESSIR!!! Very much appreciate that Donnie we’ll do our best to keep at the top of the rotation…

  • Dan

    by the way, got a favorite episode of the FIzzle show? I’d love to check it out.

  • #1, How to find your voice, was helpful to me but I think they’re all good. Again, VERY different from your shorter action packed no fluff podcast. With the fizzle show you’ll have to listen to a longer podcast with more rants and back and forth banter. I enjoy it!

  • Dan

    Cheers Donnie appreciate that, I’m heading to download it now. For others:

  • Dillon Carter

    Thanks for your response Dan :) I need to determine exactly what I want to accomplish and find someone who has done that very well and follow them.

  • Will

    Awesome episode guys, thanks. Do you both live in Bali? I lived in Jimbaran last year, shame I didnt know about Tropical MBA as I would have had a load of questions while starting my online business.

  • Dan

    Currently both moving around quite a bit!!!!

  • Dan,

    I was really encouraged by this episode. I love your, “Get in line!” as well as your own personal mind-set of being an entrepreneur isn’t just about making money, but that there needs to be adventure in as well. (“Dang! I love that!”)


  • Dan

    thanks Robb appreciate that !

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