TMBA 173 (TTR29) – How to Get (and Keep) 1000’s of Blog Subscribers

TMBA 173 (TTR29) – How to Get (and Keep) 1000’s of Blog Subscribers post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published every Friday afternoon (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. In this week’s episode Dan rounds up some of the crew from Davao and discusses content marketing in depth to help you rev up your content engine.  Join Dan Andrews, Justin Cooke, Joe Magnotti and Damian Thompson in going through this ten point checklist that will give your content marketing a boost.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • How you can stay true to your character and build your persona online.
  • Why your blog needs customer service and the best approach to the readers.
  • The signs you should watch for to determine if your blog is dead on arrival.

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Episode length: 32:53

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Published on 03.08.13
  • JustinWCooke

    Really fun episode here, guys…had a blast with this one! I loved the faded-out shit talking, lol.

    Thanks for having us on…looking forward to hanging out again soon!

  • Listened to this about 5 times value bombs away

  • Dan

    Cheers Liz… value bombs and f bombs. :) Let me know what you cook up.

  • Dan

    Hope so too Justin, always love hanging out with you guys.

  • Dave Webb

    This is a class chat – well not that classy but the content is prime.

  • Dan

    Cheers Dave, appreciate you taking a listen. We are a bunch of houligans for sure. :)

  • Will Claxton

    I’m going to listen to this again for the pure comedy value.

  • Dan

    haha :P

  • Ok so I’m sorry guys. This is a case of good podcasts gone wrong….

    You just won my vote for most depressing episode ever.
    My take aways…
    1) all blogs are dead on arrival
    2) you will be working for pennies
    3) don’t sell stuff, bank the trust credits

    BUT I was totally yelling at the ASF guys – UR DOIN IT WRONG (to quote lolcats) – EMAIL YOUR LIST! If you wait a month then email me i’m gonna leave the list.

    What happened to buy now blogging guys??

    Starting to sound like IMFSP… (I’ll let you work out which podcast that is… I don’t want hate mail from Brian! oops did I just say that?)

    Just keeping it real!

  • Dan

    haha.. it was a litte eh?

    For reference:

    I don’t think Joe read my “Dead on Arrival” article and so was we were talking just a tinge past each other there.

    There is this extra texture of business owners who start blogs that generate leads for their business… at the beginning of course they are blogging for pennies, but the truth is they have a pretty good idea they are going to be able to capitalize and don’t see the need to start selling early like a first time entrepreneur or new business would need to.

    Regarding trust credits as well– it’s a tough line to walk and I suppose it depends on how much you know about the leads/fans/readers you are cultivating. If you were starting a blog like sovereign man, for example, there would be very little need to push monetization out of the gate (assuming you can afford to make trust bank deposits :P ) because the list is most obviously a goldmine– which is a difficult thing to know for sure unless you are already in biz, which loops back to Damian’s point about ‘already being in biz’ etc.

    SO buy-now-blogging is an anecdote to the issue of blogging without a business, which is a big problem because it’s not clear what you are developing leads for…

    ok..; we’ll just do a new podcast ! :D

  • ASF have the leads, they know what the leads want (adsense site ninja tricks) and the give us an AWESOME ebook, a couple of emails, then *crickets*. Yes, I unsubscribed.

    Of course I’m a pot calling the kettle black, jump on my mailing list and you can see that I too can improve. But at least I have 19 valuable video or text tutorials lined up for my leads to enjoy while I get my act into gear. (

    I don’t think Sovereign Man is good example LOL

    I’ve never gone to the site before. (Heard about them on your podcast of course though). Number 1 I get invited to an email list with a splash screen which I ignore and click no thanks.Then I get asked to enter my email for a free report (about WHAT?) that XXX,XXX people get. Hmm. Still not getting it!

    I can see that based on that topic there could be would be heaps of stuff to sell to LIErs (Location Independent Entrpreneurs – do you think that acronym will catch on?) but I’m not feeling any love for the implementation. Of course, I know you didn’t mean to use them as an example of implementation, but rather the topic.

    Keep up the great work. I care, obviously, as I’ve taken the time out of my tutorial recording schedule to comment. (& listen!)

  • The funniest thing about this episode is mentioning After this recording we decided on a new unified branding effort. Now,, and we be all under one new site.

    It’s called and I wanted to thank Dan and Damian for helping us come up with this idea. Launch is Monday, March 18th 2013!

  • Dan

    Agreed here RE: implementation tactics vs. inherent value of the list. In that sense niche selection / lead type is way more important than implementation. A great example of picking the games you play being more important than playing the game well. Or playing the game of picking the game :)

  • Dan

    Really pumped about the new brand guys it’s gonna be the cat’s pajamas.

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