TMBA 082 (TTR3) – Grey Hat SEO Techniques For Highly Competitive Key Terms

TMBA 082 (TTR3) – Grey Hat SEO Techniques For Highly Competitive Key Terms post image

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Last night I sat down with Ian, Travis, and Simon before we went out on the town to discuss some cutting edge SEO techniques that are working for some highly competitive key terms (all a bit naughty, of course!). We also got an inside look on how Simon created his ecommerce store from scratch in less than a year, and how he is out-maneuvering the big guys with some clever tactics.

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • The #1 misconception people have about Google rankings and SEO.
  • What Google SAYS gets rankings, vs what is actually working in the results pages.
  • How Bali compares with Thailand for internet entrepreneurs.
  • How Simon built an ecommerce store that generates a full time income for him in less than 1 year.
  • Why ecommerce is a huge opportunity (why you can compete with the big guys) and how you can run an ecommerce business from the road.
  • How to sell to 30% of the people who have abandoned your online carts.
  • The real impact of the Google Panda updates.
  • Why internet marketers teach white hat, but actually use grey hat techniques.
  • How and why you should experiment with buying links and social likes (oh my!) You gotta hear this…

People on this show:

Episode length: 30:16

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Published on 11.07.11
  • Great episode! Had a feeling that you guys were knocking a few Bintangs back during, and the tipsier you guys got the more juicy the information you shared!

    I feel like I should be putting together an infographic or something containing Travis’s SEO strategy here, that’s some pretty powerful stuff he’s sharing!

    Keep up the great work with TropicalTalk, it’s quickly heading to the top of my list of favorite podcasts alongside LBP

  • Dan

    Hey Lewis wish you were there man I know you’d have a lot to add! Yes Bintangs were involved in the taping of this episode. Agreed would be a great info graphic to pull together, his approach is surprisingly clear and legible. Thank you for the encouragement, I’m looking forward to having you on the show. 

  • LOVED this ep. 

    It’s great to hear more about all the SEO stuff that no one usually talks about. I’m looking forward to hearing more!

  • Dan

    Cheers John thanks for the shout!! More to come :)

  • Glad you guys liked it. You can hit me up for more information at:

  • Listening to this this and taking notes and adding in some myths discussed and my questions.


    1. “High PR” doesn’t really mean much, toolbar PR is widely regarded as nonsense. Real PR of a site is a good measure, but not toolbar. Discussing things like going from pr0>pr5 doesn’t mean shit.I have a question on this actually… are you essentially creating a link wheel with the network? I have a friend who is a moderator on SEObook that tried that a couple of weeks ago.. started ranking very well for highly competitive terms, then the site got burned.

    2. Different c-class IPs is a complete myth –  to avoid the wrath of Google.. c-class IPs is not a factor. This has definitely been proven, and not an opinion.

    3. Having shitty pages on your website now affecting rankings of the total site. I wouldn’t advise throwing up rubbish pages for the sake of it.Great podcast Travis and co… some great food for thought on this. Seems like you guys are getting your eyes opened :)

    A simple thing you can which no doubt everyone already knows about: MajesticSEO – get a subscription for a month… get reports on sites ranking and see what kinds of links they have and anchor texts.

  • Dan

    Yo nick, asked Travis to follow up on some of this. Can you clarify the difference between toolbar PR and real PR? 

    1) My understanding is that Travis’ network is not a linkwheel– that is they don’t interlink.

    2) regarding the IP… your claim is that IP diversity is not an issue? So if I like to one of my sites from 50 sites on my bluehost account that works the same as 50 unique sites ? 

  • Hey man – plenty of resources online for readers now that I pointed out a few things. Will try and speed up the process for your readers a bit though.

    On PR:

    On c-class IPs: Read Michael Martinez’ posts in this thread:

    He also has a lot of great articles on why there is a lot of SEO BS like this:

  • Dan

    Thanks for taking the time to post the link Nick, I’ve got them in my quick links to check out tomorrow. !!

  • The questions you should be asking yourself are:

    – What makes a good link?
    – What kind of links pass the most value?
    – What links will make my website rank better?

    What readers shouldn’t be thinking is:

    – Toolbar PR is the main/only/most important factor for a link – therefore all I have to do is acquire as many high TBPR links as possible.

    Do some research on what constitutes a “good value-passing” link.

    Toolbar PR is the metric used by most because they just don’t know any better.

  • Dan

    word never heard of the value-passing metric… will follow up on that ASAP. appreciate it. 

  • Dan

    balla! on it.

  • I never get tired of sleeping on the couch mate!

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