TMBA 234: Where Are All the Women in the Digital Nomad Community?

TMBA 234: Where Are All the Women in the Digital Nomad Community? post image

This week, Elisa Doucette joins me to talk about women in the location independent entrepreneurship game. Elisa runs the Dynamite Circle business operations. If you’re a lady sitting in your cubicle in the United States, listen closely. We have a fantastic network of women with similar stories that we hope will inspire you to explore these options for yourself.

We only got to mention a handful of women digital nomads on this program, if you know some others who are publishing content about entrepreneurship and travel I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why we’ve seen a pretty massive increase in the percentage of women in the Dynamite Circle recently.
  • The differences in cultural attitudes regarding solo female travel .
  • How Elisa handled the pressure of being our first female employee .
  • The best locations in Southeast Asia for female location-independent entrepreneurs to migrate to.
  • Some of our favorite women in the location-independent entrepreneur movement.

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Published on 03.06.14
  • Since most of our test subjects would be the guys working in the company, it would probably have to test for Dude Capacity. I’m perfectly happy to try to arrange with the PBC guys if we think it’s a viable selling point. ;)

  • Thanks for bringing this up! I personally feel comfortable surrounded by dudes (and don’t even notice it that much if I’m the only female at the table), but it’s definitely awesome to see more women doing the digital nomad thing. I think the fear of traveling as a female, or starting a business as a female, is entirely self-created.

    I traveled solo and I started businesses solo long before I had a partner to do it with. Yes, it can be lonely, but that’s what entrepreneurship communities are for (I wish I knew about them 10 years ago!) I think communities are hugely important for doing anything radical. There are almost always others who have done it before!

  • Dan

    Thanks so much Yamile this was exactly the kind of comment I was hoping for. Berlin is looking like a great place to visit this summer!

  • Dan

    Thank you for calling DC geeky :D !!!

  • Dan

    yeah and by hanging back and not going after your desired life direction one could run the risk of meeting parters under the wrong terms. i didn’t really realize that my fear of “not meeting somebody” was partially unfounded by that fact: what happens if you meet somebody while you are living a life you don’t want to live?

  • Dan

    7 Taylors

  • Dan

    !!! :D thanks for giving it a listen Euvie !

  • Exactly… could lead to a more painful split down the line, when one partner wants to take off and pursue their dreams and the other is like “what? I’m happy with the way things are right now and I thought you were too!”

    BTW given the fantastic discussion on this thread, I hope to see Elisa and other digital nomad ladies on TMBA again in the future ;-)

  • Dan

    That’s cool we could do better in the future… I especially like the idea of following some of the links on this post to bloggers who put a lot of effort into addressing these issues. I feel confident ranting about college because I went for 5 years ! :D

  • Dan

    YO! :D thanks for the link Nina

  • Dan

    rock Eden great mission!

  • Dan

    :D thanks!

  • Dan

    As if I needed another reason to visit! :)

  • Dan

    haha I can’t think of anyone who would want to hear about systems around here!!! :D

  • New niche? Digital nomad dating site? :-p

  • Dan

    Rock on thanks Stacey

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    hey thanks !

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    thanks Kendra!

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    thanks for the link Natalie ! !

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    hey now!

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    you thanks for the link Matt !

  • Dan


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    Very interesting

  • Dan

    it’s a done deal! :)

  • Tinder what? ;) I actually hear this suggestion as a niche dating site at least once a week, so someone should seriously jump on that and put out an MVP

  • Just stepped onto this amazing path of being a digital nomad, but you mught take me into account for better statistics=) It was a long way till I finally switched from the office work to remote work and awesome traveling…still can’t believe all that i was reading in my favourite blogs is happening to me now, but that’s just a start. Learning a lot from the English-speaking community and have lots of plans to spread the word of it in my mothertongue, cos this is definitely the thing you have to share with people! Thank you.

  • welcome to the crazy community of digital nomads! :)

  • Stacey Herbert

    Hey guys, just getting a chance to listen to this. Thanks Elisa, for flying the flag like a boss. It was good to hear your voice again. It would have been hilarious to have been a fly on the wall to some of the conversations you guys must have had in your early days :D

  • Oh hai! I’m glad the tapes were turned off!!! :D

  • Kat Tate

    Loved this episode – and thanks for the links to rocking women in the DN space. I liked it so much, I wrote about it in my blog :)

  • Hells yeah! Thanks for that Kat, appreciate the shout.

  • Kat Tate

    Any time! I really believe we women need to be more fearless. There’s always an excuse or fear to stop you from doing something – whether that’s going for a new job, or absolutely transforming your life and lifestyle to be location independent. One of the biggest fears/excuses I hear is ‘it’s not safe for women’ or ‘it’s a guy’s game’. To that, I say HECK NO! So long as you’re street smart and a bit savvy, you can roam the globe without any dramas. Just take along a good attitude and be respectful – which is wise for us girls and the guys.

  • mia

    what the ? I asked this exact question and you didn’t even include me ? isn’t that blogging etiquette?

  • Crystal

    I’m new to the Tropical MBA, so I’m late to this post. If there’s a non-DC meetup of female entrepreneurs this summer I would love, love, LOVE to participate.

  • hey Crystal thanks for following along! Not sure about specific meet-ups but it sounds to me like a megaton of cool people are heading to Berlin this summer.

  • Genevieve Valliere-Kelley

    Hey Dan, I’m trying to locate you on iTunes to watch this video but not having any luck…are these older videos still on there?

  • hey sorry there is no video it’s audio only

  • Genevieve Valliere-Kelley

    Just an FYI, when I follow your link to subscribe in iTunes, I get this message: “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.”

    Not sure why this might be?

  • hey that’s scary thanks for the heads up gonna look into that today and try to sort it.

  • This was a great listen! Although I travel as part of a couple, sometimes I just want to meet another woman. The digital nomad space can be very male-dominated. I’ve just recently started a group for female digital nomads if anyone is interested in joining. I would love to connect with you lovely ladies:

  • G.C.

    Hey Dan! So happy to see this episode! I had been wondering where all the ladies were at…

    So, kind of related question for you: I’m in LA, and have been looking high and low for an IRL meetup/hangout/support community of like-minded lady entrepreneurs. Would you know of any? Dudes are ok too. I just want to hang with some people who get the whole Tropical MBA mindset, and so far my Meetup searches haven’t really yielded what I’m looking for. Thanks in advance for any help.

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