TMBA 105 (LBP95) – Hiring Interns Right From The Start

TMBA 105 (LBP95) – Hiring Interns Right From The Start post image

Sunsets On The Yacht Are Done…For Now

With Ian back stateside and Dan back in Bali, the guys have said goodbye (for now) to their time in the Philippines and are back to biznass.

This week, they are chatting about the re-launch of their lifestyle business site, Tropical Work Force. During their time chatting up colleagues and friends in the Philippines, they learned that many entrepreneurs were interested in hiring “interns” of their own to grow their businesses and share their knowledge with.

Having been through this process ten times now, Dan & Ian have quite a bit of experience helping people become location independent while working to grow their companies. Some of the experience is great and some…well…let’s just say they learned a lot.

Overall, they came up with 5 Tips To A Successful Internship

  1. Paid Vs. Unpaid – Put your money where your intern is
  2. Get a commitment – Make the gig full-time
  3. Give them space – Create opportunities for them to network and meet your peers (Apartment, Join you in your house, Dynamite Circle forums)
  4. Ride ’em hard – These folks aren’t your average employee, challenge them and believe you have something to offer
  5. Touch base – No one likes to be micromanaged, but you need to have open communication with your interns

Listener Questions:

New Stuff Popping Up In Travel All The Time

  • Bob Bradley from Wily ManagerMy business partner and I at Wily Manager are both firmly middle aged (mid 40s).  We both have wives and children (probably bona fide “REAL responsibility”).  We both work hard, but we also work on our own terms, which means I can spend lots of time getting involved in my children’s lives and activities, and even travel and live in alternative places.  Currently, I am running my business from Mexico for the next few months where my wife and son are with me. I’m sure there are lots of dreamers out there in the same demographic as me that listen to your podcast.  Let them know that spouses and children are no reason NOT to do what you really want to do.
  •  Earl from Tail Pet Supply – My question is I have a large e-commerce and was wondering if you had any tips for SEO. It has many pet products and categories.. Should I try to optimize each category or pick some product pages.
  • Manuel from ShowSpace If I wanted to relocate to South East Asia (which I do, specifically Chiang Mai), where would be a good place to set up my company?  How much would it cost and how much “hassle” is it (monthly reports etc.)? Are there trustworthy businesses that can help you with the setup?
Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 23:21


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Published on 03.22.12
  • Asia Gregg

    I listened to this podcast from an intern’s point of
    view.  I didn’t receive all that much
    guidance during my internship as far as what goals they wanted me focusing on or
    what type of projects I was supposed to be working at. At first I thought they
    were offering so little guidance so as to “test” me and see how proactive I was.
    Because I had so little direction I made up my own projects and didn’t wait for
    permission. Turned out to be for the best, because I was so productive I ended
    up turning that place upside down!


    P.S. – LOVE the podcasts! My Thursdays are actually my work Mondays,
    so you guys make me look forward to coming in so I can hear you on my lunch

    Thanks for brightening up my Mondays!

  • Anonymous

    have you guys ever looked into highrise and basecamp etc from 37signals?  That’s a great way to keep tabs on people globally.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys… whats up with the fake advertising. Where is the $70 a month keep it simple (no annoying pop ups) lazy man SEO guide for us to send to the workers… ?

  • Anonymous

    Basecamp is the shit!! I’m saving tons of time thanks to it

  • Dan

    Hey sorry Tom I was referencing a post I wrote at my blog, here’s the link:

  • Anonymous

    I see… love the use of the blog networks… lol

  • Dan

    yep we’ve used them both, now we are back to Google docs, Skype, and GMAIL. Curious to maybe check out the new basecamp sometime soon. 

  • Dan

    Cheers man thanks! Yeah it’s just as tough to be an interns as it is to be the person who is supposed to know what is going on! I’m still learning myself :)

  • Cool deal Dan, very timely. I’ve been making noises about getting intern opportunities going with my business but I haven’t yet carved out the time to describe what I want.  I’m gonna do that this weekend come hell or high water.  

    For those who are interested, I’m looking for a technical leader who is good with agile development methodologies and software engineering best practices in Cebu, Philippines and a sales/customer service/marketing person in Penang, Malaysia.  Both positions will have opportunities to split time between Malaysia and Philippines, and I’ll bet we end up showing up in Bali at some point too.

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking into highrise for my current job and maybe for my side project web design projects. Problem is it doesn’t do automated reminders for clients to send in their content. I may just write one myself…

  • I’ve been using that “Inspect Element” trick for months now. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. It also means you can update the CSS on the fly, get the design working, and only when it’s ready, put it into the actual CSS file.

    As for the internship, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done (Cheers!). Living on a tropical island in the Philippines when I’m only 22 years old? Crazy, but super cool. And I know this changes everything in the future. I think it is almost impossible that I’d ever go back to the ordinary working life in a Western country. To visit, sure, but to join the rat race? Pffft.

    Interesting tips too, I’ll keep ’em in mind when I get to hiring interns. I love the Friday reports too, because they’re quick, simple and they get the point across immediately. 

    One thing that I loved when I arrived is that you basically described the end result (high rankings, increased traffic) and then just let me roll with it. Just get it done. I love that.

    This idea of location independent, tropical internships is genius, particularly for the people who wanna move into this lifestyle but haven’t made the jump yet.

  • Dan

    boss! Looking forward to working with you on this one Mike. 

  • Dan

    Cheers John! So pumped to have guys like you join us in Asia. Just met another TWF guy Mike Z. last night too, another great lad to add to the mix. 

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