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It’s safe to say that Dan and Ian get a lot of pitches in their inbox.

They come in a variety of forms, but the people that send these pitches often follow the same archetypes. In general, there is a whole lot of asking going on.

On today’s episode, Dan and Ian will be following up on their recent sales episode and providing some useful, actionable information on how you can pitch people successfully through cold emails.

First, they will be sharing some examples of successful pitches, as well as the types they dread receiving.

They will also be outlining a three-step formula to creating winning pitches that won’t end up being archived or deleted.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why it’s important to be straightforward about what you are asking for. (5:30)
  • The dangers of over promoting yourself or being to casual in your pitch. (15:29)
  • How to make a pitch that is relevant to your target. (19:20)
  • Why establishing respect is important to a great pitch. (27:25)
  • How you can use reciprocity to create an undeniable pitch. (32:10)

Mentioned in the episode:

This week’s sponsor:

A big thanks to Growth Ninja – this episode’s sponsor. Are you looking for a reliable and hands-off way to scale your company’s revenue? Growth Ninja is an industry proven Facebook ad service that can explode your sales funnel.

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Thanks for listening to our show! We’ll be back next Thursday morning 8AM EST. Cheers, Dan & Ian

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Published on 06.15.17
  • Jonathan Fils-aime

    I just wanted to let you guys know that there might be a bug in the Cast app for iOS because The Tropical MBA podcast has no new episode since may 11th. I had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to get the new episodes.

  • Adam Anderson

    Thanks for the last two PODCast on sales TMBA team! I’m in the middle of launching my new Cyber Security Productized Service and my Frankenstein monster of a marketing funnel went live 6/5/2017. After listening to your ideas I went back and canceled my automated 5 email drip campaign that was getting 20% opens but less than 1% clicks. Oh, and no conversions.

    Turns out my Pitch really sucked. All about me and what I can do, nothing about the prospect and what they are experiencing. Back to the drawing board!

    Thanks for showing up when I needed yah TMBA!

  • Hey Dan / Ian, taking advice from your sales podcast and this one I’m now doing free funnel breakdown vids for people, no strings attached nor any business required, just wanting to add value.

    Here’s the vid for this site :) >>

  • Seán Feehan

    Insightful and quality episode – Thanks guys!

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