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Here in Singapore I’ve got a couple minutes before I head off to China and onward to JFK. I’ve got so much on my mind as 2011 winds down, and I can’t think of a better time to reflect than while in-transit. Many people dread it, but I always look forward to the time to think. I also love:

  • Catching up on reading… My favorite hobby shines in-transit. Browse the bookstore for popcorn reads, and dig in to that reading list on the kindle. I already read two books today. Both winners… I recommend them both!
  • The slow walk. How fast do you walk when you need to cover half a mile in 4 hours? Very slowly. Some people don’t know how to take a walk. For some reason, I’m was born with walking chops.
  • The intense nostalgia that sets in 5 hours before departure. It’s not just leaving Bali that hurts. My heart drops when I’m about to depart anywhere I’ve been for a week or more. I stare at the bed. I double check everything. I take mental pictures. There’s something unnatural about leaving a place that was once your home.
  • Placing everything I own on my bed, and packing it precisely. (+ throwing stuff away). Call it a lifestyle blogger cliche– nothing makes me feel better than grilling every item I own. “Why are you still here nail clipper!?” Ok… you can stay… this trip.
  • Reset and re-consider what you need to be doing to grow your business… if I didn’t get back to your email, it’s because I’m in-transit. Of course I’d stress out about the lag back on the ground, but I’ll write myself a hall pass today. Do I really need to be so on this stuff I was worried about yesterday? Oh yeah… I forgot to put up an auto-responder. I’m sure you’ll forgive me ;)

When I get home, friends will undoubtably commiserate. jeeze… how do you handle 20 hours on a plane!?

Of course I know they are just trying to make conversation, but there is a part of my brain that’s thinking: 30 hours ago I was sweating through my clothes, buying chewing gum in the middle of a slum village in some random, unique, and amazing tropical country. Now I’m standing here– on the other side of the planet!

Not bad for 30 hours.

I’d probably row a boat if I had to.

Anyway, I need to go buy some long pants. Apparently it’s cold in New York.

Talk soon,


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Published on 12.13.11
  • The “30 hours ago I was sweating through my clothes, buying chewing gum in the middle of a slum village in some random, unique, and amazing tropical country. Now I’m standing here– on the other side of the planet!” sense of wonder never gets old for me. 
    If you have a layover in Chicago at all, let me know and I’ll buy you lunch!

  • I’m sure it’ll be reverse culture and environmental shock coming to NYC from Bali. It’s like you living on Mars, coming back to Earth (okay, maybe I stretched that analogy a little to much, haha).

    Anyways, I’m just glad to have caught your blogs prior to the end of 2011. I’m excited to see where I go with inspiration I picked up from you, your podcast, and your witty wisdom.

    Hope you have a good fly. Cheers!

  • Dan

    Cheers man… yeah you said it right, that sense of wonder is what I was reflecting on. I can’t ever imagine taking it for granted.

  • Dan

    Cheers Harrison thanks for saying hi! I think I’ll make it in NYC as long as I can find some pants… ahem… still rockin’ shorts :)

  • Haha, that was sort of like me when all I pretty much had in my wardrobe was boardshorts and tanks going from dominican republic to minnesota. How long are you in NYC for?

  • Dude!!!  RSS feed linked to a twitter account? I didn’t know you could do that..  I’ve been wanting to read ghost in the wires for some time now so I’m glad it has your recommendation.  Is it safe it say you make me giggle sometimes reading your blog posts?  As I finished reading this I couldn’t help feel like I was receiving a postcard or a letter.  Cheers bro I look forward to seeing you in Lititz.

  • Dan

    cheers man, talk soon. yeah RSS->tweet thingie is easy to set up in twitter.

  • Dan

    Dec 3rd or so.

  • I am one of the slowest walkers ever. This is probably due in part to very short 5’4″ legs and a small stride, but also the intentional action. There’s so much to see around us, and so much of life is spent rushing and hustling to get things done. Unless contraints dictate otherwise, I love to meander.

    This makes people behind me on sidewalks very irritated.

  • Dan

    we’ll get along just fine :)

  • Dan/Ian – Love the blog and podcasts. Keep up the good work. A business partner and I are going to leave the US to live abroad for a bit here within the next few months (fingers crossed). It would be good to meet up with some like minded individuals such as yourselves some day.

  • Dan

    Cheers Gabe thanks for following along on our journey! Meeting so many amazing people making it happen every week, looking forward to seeing you on the road. 

  • I love this post Dan… one of my favs so far :)

    And I especially agree with “There’s something unnatural about leaving a place that was your home.” – So true.

  • Dan

    Chris! Thanks for stopping by man I appreciate it. That’s my favorite feeling in this post as well, I could probably write a whole essay on it but I’m not sure it would cash out in anything more than just me driveling on about being sad. haha…

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