TMBA 076 (LBP76) – Zero to Online Empire in 12 Months

TMBA 076 (LBP76) – Zero to Online Empire in 12 Months post image

This week, Dan sat down with DCers Joe and Justin from AdsenseFlippers (one of Dan’s favorite blogs) to talk BIZNASS. These guys have a ton of hard-won business experience, an incredible story, and a scalable, repeatable business model that you can quickly draw lessons and inspiration from. WE LOVE THIS BLOG. These guys are 100% legit, quality business guys with a great lifestyle biz. Go subscribe now, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Dan, Joe, and Justin hanging at Badladz in Puerto Galera…

Afternoon swim with some of the DC guys in Puerto Galera…

Laptops in Paradise

Published on 10.13.11
  • Yeah Buddy… Greetings from sunny south Florida ;-D

    Quick Question For Joe and Justin:
    “Do you Guys use Long Tail Pro to find exact match keyword domains.. for which you build your Niche Sites or is it simply used as a tool to find long-tails for site content ideas ?

    Ian I’m just as addicted ;-/ …… Gotta Love the Coconut Water….
    My friends suggest that I Check into Coconut Water Anonymous CWA asap


    Brian ThinkBig

  • Hey guys, the first player is loaded with episode #75. It took me some time to realize I’m listening to a different episode :)

  • You guys are making me SO JEALOUS with your beach shots…

  • Dan

    and hairy chests!?

  • Dan

    thanks for the heads up Ivan! should be addressed by now.

  • We used to use Market Samurai for all keyword research and use LTP for first page analysis.  However, I am quickly becoming an LTP fan and it really does provide all the stats and filters you need to find micro niche keywords and domains.  Plus it’s faster than MS, has fewer crashes and stalls too.

  • you need a girl to join the team, I really want to go down there. 

  • Anonymous

    AdsenseFlippers is one of my fav blogs to read too.

  • It’s weird to log on to listen to my podcasts and experience deja vu! I had a similar conversation last night about content sites and online publishing.

    Working for the past couple years in essentially content mills, the model is tried and true. Find someone to manage your content and brand, to be your managing editor/content manager. Have them oversee all the working cogs of the machine to make sure none are going to screw up the gearwork, and before you know it your factory is pumping out stuff.

    The secret kryptonite to the content mills, however, is always quality. Just look at sites like Huffington Post or Demand Media. In the past few years of building up a machine with too many cogs spinning way to fast with little anchoring them to the machine, and the quality of their product has suffered.

    It’s a delicate machine to manage!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a second glance at (aka pour over) Joe & Justin’s sites as I respect the bejeezus out of that business model.

  • Vladimir Pashkov

    Kick ass guys, great business, great podcast. Will keep an eye on their Flippa auctions. BTW what’s your flippa alias.

  • Great Show, very informative!! However, it’s so strange that I happened to pick up a bottle of Zico Coconut water and I was sort of Afraid to try it.. I bought it to mix with other juices.  Yet after hearing you rave about it, I decided I had to get home and Drink some… Ha ha  too funny, Not bad stuff though!  Gonna go make some Money!  :P

  • Thanks Joseph!!

  • I heard Shaved Chest are illegal in Bali ;-D
    Maybe I’ll start a monthly reoccurring  chest shaving subscription site in S.E Asia , and then outsource

  • Dan

    we’ve got a girl ! :D her name is Tammi and she does all the design / dev of these sites. i don’t think she’s as “hammy” as us always posing for photos etc. :)

  • Dan

    cheers Jason thanks for the shout! :) Zico won’t bite, I don’t think…..

  • Dan

    “TRYBPO” Always great to see you man. 

  • Dan



    Quality is expensive but I see a lot of ways Justin and Joe can move their sites up the value chain. I’m very excited to track with them over the next few months, we are even considering doing a webinar to bring their model to the TMBA audience. I really love what they are up to. 

  • Dan

    WORD! :D

  • Quality is even more expensive if you have to buy it rather than cultivate it. Sure, Justin & Joe are paying out salary for someone to manage their writers, edit the content and oversee the general message and brand of each site.

    But I would bet the ROI on their investment in her is sick compared to what people pay out direct to writers for similar quality content.

    I’ve subscribed to their stuff – looking forward to seeing what they put out. And I think a TMBA webinar would be balla. Great topic for it!

  • Ian

    Zico is boss.  My new favorite treat..

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  • Thanks for the shoutout guys. Luckily, I’ve hooked up free shipping anywhere in the world so we got that stuff taken care of.

    Adsense Flippas looks really interesting. Gonna have to dig into that down the line…

  • Dan

    like a boss!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Now THAT’S a niche! :-)

  • Marcelo S

    Gday Guys
    I love your work!

    I’m evaluating top 10 results and the Yahoo Directory listing is the only thing that worries me, meaning 9 out of 10 have a Yahoo Directory listing, PR0s and 0 links search volume 2600 ,  would you still maybe consider that niche? Would it be just a bit more difficult to succeed, or a LOT harder?

  • Dan

    Yo Marcelo thanks for the shout… pretty rare to have 9 out of 10 yahoo… that just means to me  that niche has budget…. I can’t say much more beyond that based on the information you’ve provided… probably best to check out the boys back at and read through some of their selection criteria

  • Lets get a download linksy of the song playing in the background of the adsense flippers interview!! That song was the bosssocks! LOL!

  • Dan

    haha oh shit man we gotta shazam it! 

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