TMBA 379: A Conversation With Jordan Harbinger

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It’s no secret that Dan and Ian are radio enthusiasts. It’s the reason that they started making this podcast in the first place.

They are also interested in learning how others have grown successful businesses through putting their voices on the air and by developing podcasts. One of those people is Jordan Harbinger.

Jordan and his co-host A.J. produce a podcast called The Art of Charm, which centers around teaching men how to connect and communicate effectively in both their personal and professional lives.

Jordan also hosted one of the first podcasts on the internet in 2005, called The Pickup Podcast, which opened the door for him and A.J. to have successful careers in satellite radio.

On this week’s episode, Jordan shares his own passion for creating audio content, the story behind his success in broadcasting and why you should only do it if you love it.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What led to Jordan and A.J. cutting a deal with a satellite radio company. (7:45)
  • The differences between the satellite radio audience and the podcasting audience. (11:52)
  • Why they decided to leave satellite radio and focus entirely on podcasting. (17:02)
  • Jordan’s relationship with advertisers and what it is like to be on the PodcastOne network. (32:30)
  • What Jordan believes the future of podcasting looks like. (37:55)

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Published on 03.09.17
  • Thanks so much for the opportunity guys! Feel free to tag me on Facebook and I can re-share this episode there and on twitter as well. Cheers!

  • Trevr Smithlin

    Hey guys, really enjoyed this episode. Jordan was a great guest and was super knowledgeable in the podcast / audio space. I loved a few of his terms like “earballs” good stuff! I loved hearing about XM signing him on and how that all went down, made for a great story.

    I agree with Jordan in that over time podcasts will get more ubiquitous and this will be done with better technology. We talked a lot about this at Podfest just a few weeks back. I agree with what Jordan said in the episode, internet connected cars, better car decks, Apple Car Play, Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo will all be contributing technologies to move the space forward. And love your smart head seat idea :) Or maybe we’ll have smart media chips implanted, who knows right.

    I agree Dan that the ad technology could be better with podcasts. We saw a huge problem with smaller podcasters having a hard time monetize their show. Think shows sub 15k downloads per episode which is 99.5% of them. Networks like Podcast One and the larger ad agencies won’t touch you unless you have huge numbers.

    But we felt there is still value to be had as even if you only have 3,000 listeners. So we set out to build the next generation ad platform to fix this. We launched AdvertiseCast last April and so far have over 700 publishers on board and 60+ paying advertisers. We feel it is a great start and believe it will grow into a very large self-serving marketplace over time. We want to be the eBay of audio ads.

    I’ve been a long time Tropical MBA listener and would love to see you guys get your podcast on-board with us. Zero upfront costs as we split the rev share with you 80/20. We have no exclusivity so you can still find your own sponsors if you wish.

    Great episode as always! Your podcast along with Startups for the rest of us is still my all time top 5. Love your content fellas and keep up the great work!

  • Evaldas Miliauskas

    Quite interesting episode, I’m always curious about the backstage stories of podcasters, even did similar interviews myself before when I tried learning more about the subject. It’s refreshing to hear a honest answer about building a podcast audience might not be as easy as it sounds unless you get “lucky”, but it’s surprising that even today “word of mouth” is the best source of of growth for listeners.

    I agree that there are limited options for bringing in advertisers, even wrote a blog post about it as a business opportunity. Seems like iTunes and Apple don’t take podcasting that seriously as they seem to don’t care even being a leading platform in terms of size which if you ask me is just begging someone to create a bit better option, although any similar platforms that were tried to be built haven’t caught on that much (even google one for android), but advertising could be a key factor that can change this.

    btw, congrats on site facelift!

  • Evaldas Miliauskas

    that’s a great idea! I don’t think there was anything available for advertising apart from networks and individual deals, will be interesting to follow your story :) best of luck help podcasting grow!

  • Trevr Smithlin

    Thanks Evaldas for the kind words! Everyday we make a little more headway as more publishers sign-on and more ad spots get ordered. Def great to see the model working.

    I agree with you and don’t think Apple will get into the monetization podcast game anytime soon. It’s just not a big enough space for a company like them to put resources into. By 2020 they’re predicting the podcast advert space to be $500MM, up from $160MM today. Still a very small market to play in for corporate biz when you consider radio does $17-18 Billion and I believe I heard vinyl record sales alone sell more than $500MM per year. But hey, we love it and believe there is real value to be exchanged, we’ll take the leftover scraps :)

  • Evaldas Miliauskas

    Hey, very interesting. I did read some of the stats before that radio is disproportionally larger in terms of ad spend. I think it’ll have to change as it’s just like throwing money right now and just like tv-ads there is no way to see if its working. For podcasts, I think the biggest friction is reaching big enough audiences for advertisers, but with similar sites like yours I think it can be a more manageable. Also there is better control of which audience to target.

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