TMBA 410: The Creation of a Brand

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Dan and Ian love physical product companies. After all, they started their own entrepreneurial journey that way themselves.

On this week’s show, they have chosen to showcase the story of a mid-market luxury brand that is finding massive success.

Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan are the founders of Linjer.

Linjer manufactures and sells beautifully crafted leather handbags and watches, which retail between $200 and $500 USD.

In today’s episode, Jennifer and Roman speak to us about a wide variety of topics, including researching marketplaces, building teams and making deals with factory owners (there are some serious ‘lessons learnt’ in the mix too).

But this is not just an episode about people who are passionate about selling great products. It’s also a unique case study on how to use savvy marketing techniques to grow your business.

And Linjer are hiring .. so check out their website if you feel inspired to join their team after listening to this week’s show.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How they chose the name Linjer and how they developed their brand. (3:52)
  • Why they chose to get into a competitive market like the fashion industry. (11:25)
  • What went into the creation of their first product. (15:06)
  • The challenges that they faced when launching their line of women’s bags. (30:00)
  • Some of Roman’s insights on how to successfully use Facebook ads. (41:40)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Published on 10.12.17
  • Damian Thompson

    Long time listener, first time caller! ;)

    M is Roman Numeral for 1,000


  • Dan Andrews

    haha i can truly say i got something out of this :D

  • Shayna

    I’m not involved with physical products at all, but I REALLY enjoyed this episode. Great lessons. The story of the launch disaster and having to call hundreds of customers using crappy WiFi was so relatable… every entrepreneur has those “moments” :-p

  • Dan Andrews

    thanks Shayna, these two are sharp!

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