TMBA 254: A Framework for Creating Mastermind Events or Parties

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Having a mastermind group, and perpetuating a mastermind group, is a great way to handle some of the emotional struggles of having your own business. They are just as fun as a poker party, but they can change your life. Masterminds are the reason we started this podcast. We’ve done a lot of in-person masterminds, and they are a great way to grow a community and connect with your audience. This week, we’re talking about the power, the pitfalls, and the process of in-person masterminds.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The three different formats of masterminds that we have seen in our community.
  • The three biggest mistakes that people make with masterminds.
  • How we run our own mastermind groups successfully.
  • Our advice for entrepreneurs who want to throw their own private mastermind.
  • Why it is important to survey your attendees before a a meeting.

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Catching the Sunrise in the Philippines

Catching the Sunrise in the Philippines

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 07.24.14
  • Running a membership site, mastermind events, juntos, meetups (any type of herding cats) is tough and you two are great at it. Appreciate the tips.

    To put things into perspective there is an international bestselling author “Keith Ferrazzi” that is supposed to be one of the top networkers in the world. I his second book he pitched his own community “greenlight.. something” and taught people how to run them. Long story short… it died and the last time I checked the URL forwards to some shopping store.

    I would love to hear another podcast on what can be done to keep the older members interested, quickly integrating new ones and sustaining the entire operation.

  • Sigurdur Gudbrandsson

    What I’m getting out of masterminds (from the DC) is the good feedback from the people in the same boat as I am.
    That said .. picking the right matstermind people can be tricky ..

    .. my 2¢ is, focus on people who are aiming for the same goal as you, or the people who have reached the goal you are aiming for.

  • Chad


    Will there be another DC meetup in the States in the near future? I can’t make it but would like to attend something like this.

  • Chad

    Where the public can attend?

  • Love this one and really appreciate the worksheet. Thanks bros.

  • sure you got it!!!!!

  • hey Chad thanks for your interest, we don’t know at the current time. Plan is to go quarterly.

  • that’s a good point there, i think we’ll make our survey’s more granular this year to try and capture that

  • not sure on that, will depend

  • hey Tom thanks for the comment… yeah I’m certainly just learning as I go… one heuristic i use a lot is building something that i find personally useful, that helps to keep some authentic leadership involved rather than the kind sell-out vibe of just doing what you think the market opportunity is. the best strategy long term is to actually help people in my view, if you can’t start there, it’ll die. that said I think we can pull together some more specific tactics that have worked/failed in the future. also we can talk about it in person soon :D

  • Oh we will definitely talk about this in person but I thought it would be an interesting topic for a podcast as well. You guys make the membership model seem so easy and it is not.

  • Rockin’! Just tossed it onto our idea brainstorm sheet

  • Hey guys
    Im attending the Austin mastermind, but I’m not a DC member, so I cant view the DC event page. I just submitted an application to the DC though. Any help you guys can give me would be great – I don’t want to miss the Friday night meet up!

  • Hey Jeff you should have received an email from me today! If you need any other info just drop me a line.

  • Do you guys know of any podcasts that focus on this (great idea if there aren’t any). We (my bpartner and I) are hosting our first event – premium priced for serious folks. Only this is more a workshop – an accelerated learning experience. The new trend now seems to be combining content, connection and coaching (hat tip to Taki Moore) in a transformative experience. By that I mean you come at point A and you leave at Point B. This requires that the person throwing it be very clear about attracting ideal attendees who’s situation you know very well – and clearing defining the outcome. Transformation = Information+Implementation. The implementation bit has to exist for the transformation to occur. And it’s the transformation (not just the information but guided implmentation/execution) that allows the premium price you charge to be a no brainer. I might also add, clearly stating the expected ROI and ROTI (return on time invested) helps. Love your thoughts on this Dan (or any other person).

  • NICE… that sounds super sweet and these types of events seem to be happening more and more in the internet space… I’d say for this info it’s probably (currently ) more of a case of watching people’s feet than mouths… but also I just don’t know a show or blog that really focuses on this kind of thing… look forward to discussing it with you in person :)

  • Kevin

    Just listened to the podcast, and came here for the download, but am either blind or it’s not here…(perhaps the former is more likely.). Can I get a direct link?
    Thank you!

  • The documents mentioned should be above under the headline “mentioned in this episode”

    Mastermind Sessions Homework

    Dynamite Circle Mastermind Preparation Survey

  • John Devor

    We actually created Online Peers as a way for people to find high quality mastermind groups. You can learn more about it here if you’re interested:

  • cheers John thanks for the link

  • Hi Dan / Ian – I’ve followed your stuff for some time. To be honest my struggle has been finding my own “One Thing.” Recently, I started doing these Google Hangouts where I interview entrepreneurs. This led to what I’m calling Hangout Masterminds.

    Ultimately, masterminds have to answer the same question as when I helped organize tango dance events – “what’s in it for me?” Each member has to feel that they’re getting something out of participating, or it’s bye bye, of course.

    Otherwise individuals will take up too much time (or even the opposite contribute too little) or are too far along / behind compared to others, and folks will drop out one way or another. As Tom mentions, the key word is “sustaining.”

  • Karen Amundson

    What is the best way to find a master mind group? I’ve built a successful, profitable, location-independent digital media collective: I and am ready to take it to the next level, but need some community and accountability to stay motivated and find new avenues for growth. Does TMBA offer Master Mind match-making?

  • ryannagy

    Thank you. While out walking my dogs the idea popped into my head to start running local and online mastermind groups. And, of course, you guys are “go to” resources for this area. Lot’s of actionable ideas here. The big one that popped out at me is – finally – understanding why one of my local expat, business friends is so annoying. He wants validation and not feedback. Will keep that to a minimum in our groups.

  • cheers :D

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