TMBA 171 (TTR28) – A Method For Outsourcing Your Job and Living in the Developing World

TMBA 171 (TTR28) – A Method For Outsourcing Your Job and Living in the Developing World post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published every Friday afternoon (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. In this week’s episode Dan has a sit down chat with Joe Magnotti from Adsense Flippers and Outsourcing For Start Ups to talk about taking control of your future with outsourcing.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • Why you need to keep your Dilbert job and propose outsourcing to your boss.
  • A cost savings loophole exposed that you can use to relocate and sell your boss on your new program.
  • The marketing style that has made Adsense Flippers and Outsourcing For Startups a success.

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Published on 03.01.13
  • I love the idea of this form of “arbitrage”. The question is this – does it prevent the typical aspiring entrepreneur from making the kind of emotional commitment – jumping all in – that is needed to make a venture successful? BTW, I’m one of those people who discovered you from DeMarco’s forum. Great, solid content. When are you guys planning a meetup in Costa Del Sol ;)

  • JustinWCooke

    Loved this episode, guys!

    One of the things I’ll add is that even though Joe covered the fact that our company was able to cut some of the overhead that came with the two of us, there was a significant savings on the agents. Rather than cutting people in the US, we simply replaced through attrition and added in the areas we were looking to scale. So…in addition to the (I think this is right) $60K/month we were saving them in actual, realized savings…there was another $10-12K/month in overhead, approximately.

    Another thing to point out is that, when you’re looking to raise capital, one of the major things investors look at is your revenue as compared to number of employees. By having contracted staff offshore, you’re able to limit your onshore employees and boost your $$ per employee number to attractive levels for investors. :-)

    Joe’s exactly right on about the “outsourcing your life” aspect. I don’t think I could go back, honestly.

  • Dan

    Cheers great points Justin. I’m hoping (as we have seen before) that a few people write us emails in 4-6 months saying this post helped them to cut such a deal !

  • Dan

    Hey Shola, thanks for stopping over at the blog! I’m not sure I fully understand the question– my sense is if you aren’t willing to go “all in” and emotionally commit to stuff you are putting any venture at risk.

  • herbert

    loved the podcast. I immediately pitched the idea to one of my clients, he wants to establish a call center for his business.

    Ive been posting to hire a v.a. and soon after build a team in the Philippines, that i may outsource my work to, but now, I would love to be a part of this in any way or form.

  • Dan

    YO!!! Well done. Let us know how it goes.

  • Probably shouldn’t of just quit my job then… :)

    This was a really good podcast and at a good time for me even if I didn’t follow the advice. I guess its just an early business mistake.

    I am busting to get out there in the world and set up my own business and working in a digital agency had this exact idea and pitched it to my current employer as a way for us to work together while I build something that at the same time helps them. I think I made every mistake you mention in this podcast as I made it far too much about me and didn’t really explain what I am trying to do correctly but never mind, its another lesson.

  • Dan

    haha :) hey man making mistakes is par for the course !

  • Ben

    You’ve gone Paleo in Asia? Wow that must be difficult!

  • Dan

    i think it’s easier! ok… avoiding noodles is hard :)

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