TMBA 319: The Mind Game of Making Over $100,000

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On this week’s show Dan and Ian were originally going to be talking about the three different stages of entrepreneurship, but once Dan started speaking with Michael Erickson, he knew that this conversation was worth devoting an entire episode to.

Michael trained hard and loved the career path that he was on initially, but a sudden change in his life-script drove him to become an entrepreneur. Michael’s story is ultimately about how difficult circumstances can prompt you to change your life, and how transforming your mindset is the first hurdle to achieving entrepreneurial success.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Michael’s first career and what happened when he was laid off from his job. (4:00)
  • How Michael first started making money online. (5:51)
  • One of the common misconceptions that entrepreneurs have about creating their own structure. (11:03)
  • A mindset trap that a lot of freelancers fall into. (12:00)
  • How the challenges have changed since Michael’s business has grown. (13:50)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 01.14.16
  • Michael Erickson

    Music choice was top-notch.
    Great talk, Dan – cheers!

  • Dan Andrews

    That’s all on Arison our sound engineer! :) Was great to chat Michael come by the show anytime.

  • Dave

    I enjoyed this episode, finding myself squarely in the phase of needing to focus on marketing more. Curious about how you do your transcripts. I’ve been using Speechpad, but the format of yours is much nicer. Do you have an assistant who does it or do you use a service?

  • mayursavakiya

    Awesome idea and you have represent it awesomely. I am really impressed with the quality of article.. Have a nice day ahead and tc – Hanuman Chalisa

  • Dan Andrews

    thanks Dave we use but our team puts a lot of loving care into them as well.

  • Bunty

    Another great episode. It’s incredibly helpful to hear of how Michael started out freelancing and transitioned to something bigger – somewhere that I currently find myself in now.

  • Dan Andrews

    cheers Bunty appreciate that glad you dug it

  • Dave

    Thanks. I’ve been using Speechpad, but their turnaround is one week and it looks like Rev is much faster at just 24hrs.

  • Dan Andrews

    yep they are quick often faster. been using them for a while and have no complaints

  • Jordi Casinos

    Accidentally skipped this episode. So glad I went back and listened to it. $100,000, mindset; $1m, marketing; and +$1m, HR. I can relate with Michael’s story but would love to listen more stories like his at different levels of the entrepreneur game. There is mindset, marketing and HR at each level, should I focus on marketing alone if I am in the 100k-1m bracket?

  • Dan Andrews

    cheers that’s the million dollar question :) I wouldn’t, I think it’s a matter of understanding where the limitations/constraints to growth most likely are.

  • Jordi Casinos

    So much to learn, and those SOPs that resist themselves when you are putting out fires and working by intensity/demand waves!

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