TMBA 405: A Conversation with Noah Kagan

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This week Dan and Ian are speaking to one of their favorite and most inspiring entrepreneurs, Noah Kagan.

Noah is the founder of and the host of Noah Kagan Presents.

AppSumo is a successful online business which offers daily deals for digitally distributed products and services. Noah’s blog OkDork has also been a longtime ‘must read’ for the hosts of this show.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Noah defines success, his approach to hiring and team building, investment strategies, and much more.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Noah’s friendship with Ian began. (3:45)
  • Why the best people to hire aren’t always the ones who are available. (12:59)
  • Some of the problems that Noah’s business has been facing lately. (21:12)
  • Why Noah walked out of a Tony Robbins seminar. (31:52)
  • A bonus look into one of Ian’s most recent “deal hound” adventures. (45:40)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Published on 09.07.17
  • LOVED this episode. All kinds of awesome stuff here. HILARIOUS to hear you guys talking about the Ian subtleties… Ian is low key one of the funniest dudes you’ll meet once you get to know him. Lots of killer quotes from Noah. But the best part was the insider deal analysis by Ian at the end… for those sharp tacks, that convo was an absolute clinic on how to run a sales call in business. Impeccable. I’m having our team splice that out and add it to our sales training library, no lie. Ian is a BOSS. Hope you cats are doing awesome and looking forward to the next time we talk!

  • Thanks man. wow that’s interesting! Perhaps we should take some time to break it down and do an episode to explain where his approach came from. Your praise gets weighted around these parts Jake! Appreciate it.

  • Ian


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