TMBA 120 (TTR12) – Our Mindset Manifesto : Lessons From 5 Years of Running a Business

TMBA 120 (TTR12) – Our Mindset Manifesto : Lessons From 5 Years of Running a Business post image

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I managed to sneak away from the start-ups here at the first Tropical MBA in Puerto Galera Philippines for a few minutes in order to share some of the lessons we’ve been learning together.

Today we ask the question: what mindsets are critical to developing to ensuring your business success? You might be surprised by some of the answers we’ve developed.

Listen to this podcast and learn:

    • Why mindset issues are more important than market issues (and how to identify them).
    • The true cost of paying attention (and how to protect it from the Vampires in your life).
    • Why if you can’t “find your 5 hours” I’ll bet against your ability to grow a successful business.
    • And the one thing I wish I would done differently when I was just getting started.

People on this show:

Episode length: 22:10

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Published on 06.26.12
  • Frank Bonetti

    Some tough love right here. I need to listen to this again.

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  • Mark J

    Can’t wait til I get to the gym to listen to it! Dan, Ian, you two are the best on the web!

  • Great show, Dan!
    Really inspiring.

  • Jamie Alexander

    Hey Dan,

    Don’t know about the best one ever because there has been A LOT of good ones you have done, but it was a great one with some pretty cool stuff people must know. A bit of a reality check for some I’m sure. I like the way you talk about mindset. It makes sense. You should talk about it more for us. It’s good to hear.

  • Adrien

    Your podcasts are brilliant. Please keep posting . You inspire me.

  • What video were you referring to in the presentation, was his name Charlie Howen?

  • Anyone else have issues listening to this? Seemed to crap out for me at about 20 min in.

  • Yes

  • Joseph
  • Dan Andrews fuckin’ unchained– I love it!

  • Ian

    Really well done. Thanks for posting this.

  • What was the book or writer he mentioned in the podcast (not the video)?

  • Here it is…

    Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace by Ricardo Semler

  • Wow, this was an awesome episode! Mindset definitely is the most important hurdle to overcome when you’re building a business. I’ve been hustling for two years now and I know I will never turn back, but in the beginning my doubts and fears made me lay awake (and yes, even cry) at night and I definitely had moments when I thought I would never make it and should just give up.

  • He did say at the beginning of the podcast that it was “highlights” from a talk he gave, so I guess that’s all we get. :-/

  • Ben Starr

    Fantastic speech there Dan.

    Not really in need of motivation at the moment but will remember to listen to this again when I am!

  • Extremely motivating. So nice, had to listen to it twice ;)

  • Progress Paddy

    Inspirational, Dan.

  • You have a gift for ‘public’ speaking, Dan. I really enjoyed this. Like a 20min summary of the last year of LBP. Thanks for this.

  • Wow. When you take away all the external differences between successful people, it’s the mindset that ties them together. I think it’s the one crucial thing that you gotta understand, and man, I feel like you KILLED it with this!

  • Dan

    Sorry about that Matt, this should be all fixed up now.

  • Dan

    Thanks John!

  • Dan

    Thanks John. I would have a heart attack in front of a real crowd, but this was given to a bunch of friends so it was easy.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Oh no! Could get toxic :)

  • Dan

    i haven’t cried yet, but that’s probably because i’m not as brave as you. def. thought it would go nowhere a bunch of times. shit takes forever….

  • Dan

    that’s it! thanks Craig.

  • Dan

    Cheers Ian.

  • Dan

    always! :D

  • Dan

    thanks Joseph, one of my favorite videos on the interwebs.

  • Dan

    Cheers Adrien, don’t need to tell me twice! I’m on it…

  • Dan

    Workin’ on it! :)

  • Dan

    thanks for all your support Paulo, appreciate all the kind words you’ve sent my way.

  • Dan

    do a few reps for us! lord knows we aren’t making it to the gym lately :)

  • Dan


  • David

    Hey Dan,
    I just wanted to drop a quick / my first / line on your blog!

    I am listening to your podcast daily ( I’m at #53 atm) in order to continually feed my mind with the right information and general mindset. So worth it!

    P.S. Your podcasting has impoved tremendously since the earlier ones you recorded. (presentation, energy, overall communication)!

    Thanks for putting so much value out for free,

  • Dan

    Hey David thanks for taking the time to say hi! Appreciate you listening to our show !!!

  • Kevin James McAuley

    The alarm is set for 5am to start getting together my 5 hours.
    And I have just emailed a potential mentor to work for them.
    Great podcast Dan.

  • Dan


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  • This was the best session of the 2 weeks, awesome stuff.

  • Charles

    booya, another awesome motivational masterpiece that has pushed me off the cliff. Listening to these articles over the last 8 months has given me the confidence to quit my job and turn down a 33% rise offer in favour for setting up my own company. Just keep pumping the knowledge out you two, cause im going to need it. Soon as the cashflow is up im treating myself to a DC meet.

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  • Dan

    FREAKIN’ BOOM. Well done!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for taking a listen.

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  • I’m really disappointed you didn’t cuss more in this episode :(

  • Dan

    Working up to it.

  • Loved it. This could even be summarized as a page between “About TMBA” and “Podcasts”. Great 20 minutes of everything that TMBA/LBP is all about.

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