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Ian is on vacation this week in Greece, and I am getting ready to fly back to the United States. I was in the process of packing my bags, when I received a call from a listener named Josh who was curious about what kind of stuff we have been traveling with recently.

I have written about my travel kit many times on the blog (here’s the most recent one), so if you don’t want to hear me talk about what I keep in my backpack, this might not be the episode for you. This episode is largely a continuation of that post.

We did an episode a while back called “the 10 Travel Commandments” a while back that talks about how we travel in general.

I would love to hear about your favorite travel items in the comments below!



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How the iPhone has impacted the way that we pack for travel.
  • The gear that we use to record this podcast when we’re on the go.
  • The different types of bags that I travel with and what I use them for.
  • Why I have been collecting watches recently.
  • Some of my favorite recent additions to my travel kit.

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Dan & Ian

Published on 07.30.15
  • Matt Loberstein

    I’m a huge watch fiend so I was pumped to see that make your list. You’re just at the tip of the iceberg with a G-Shock! Where it gets fascinating is when you have the crazy functions but it’s entirely mechanical. I think the JLC Master Geographic would be fitting because you can track tons of timezones at once. And it’s all mechanical wizardry, not just a computer.

  • Protip: G-Shock makes a watch that is solar powered (never need to worry about a dead battery or finding a place to get a battery) and has a receiver for automatic timezone syncing (don’t need to set time when you land).

  • nef

    is the 35Liter Sack the 10Liter bag you mentioned in the podcast?

  • Steven Appleton

    What a great episode Dan. I was just wondering how you carry two backpacks – one in front and one in back, or ? Have a great trip (did you say where you’re going?)

  • Stacey

    I had the same question! lol.

  • Sjors Provoost

    I’m very happy with the Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones, but I’m not sure about durability. The cable definitely isn’t durable, but it’s cheap to replace.

  • TJ

    I have run into the same issue with the Bose headphones. I think the section where the wiring meets the ear cup is poorly reinforced and breaks over time. I try to put it in my bag with the head band facing down to prevent this.

  • Loving the mic recommendation – I’ve moved into a new place and am setting up a home recording studio, but my great mics are actually picking up too much noise to make the home studio as effective. Just ordered that Audio-Technica to give it a shot! Thanks!

  • Victor

    Hey, if your Macbook has a retina display, you can use a software called SetResX which allow you to change the resolution to a non-retina display. In my mac 13.3 i can go up to 2560×1600. Also, the laptop runs faster this way.

  • awesome, glad that’s useful. I wish I would have upgraded when i first heard about it but stuck with the yetti for too long and gave our podcast listeners a lot of literal headaches! i highly recommend getting the 2$ pop guard as well.

  • thanks for the suggestion Sjors! Those things are fancy! gonna try some replacement earpads on my QC15’s first and see how it goes

  • :D hey yeah that’s one of the reasons I stuck with the satchel style so long is that it’s defo more convenient for travel days. Some new style bags are coming out with both satchel and backpack options for exactly this issue, but haven’t found one that works for me yet.

    so yeah, i just sling the thing over my right should or sometimes i’ll turn it into a satchel by extending one of the straps to full length. it’s a little awkward but it works. i also don’t carry much weight in it making this pretty doable for now.

  • in practice i’ve read that the solar might be more trouble than it’s worth b/c you need to store your watches in sunlight! my favorite versions don’t have these features so haven’t had personal experience with them yet. atomic seems really useful!

  • haha yep Matt it feels like i’m in for a long and expensive ride :) Looking forward to learning more.

  • wow Victor thanks for the suggestion, I’m going to go download it now

  • hmm, interesting. I’ve had a solar for about 2 years now and have nothing but good things to say. I have never had a thought: “oh man, I better take my watch off and leave it near a window today”. In fact, I can’t remember a time I’ve ever looked at it and it wasn’t on its highest charge.

    Its face shuts down in the dark, and I think I read it can last as long as a normal watch in the dark (it does have a rechargeable battery).

    plus, you get to walk around with a solar panel on your wrist.

  • Justin


    How are you ordering things overseas? Just eating the shipping cost?


  • brad

    I’ll agree with you on the G-Shock watches, but I was surprised to hear about the jeggings. They always make me think of this video

    I’m trying to decide on a new laptop now for some future travels, but haven’t decided if I want to go the Macbook route or not.

  • I’m getting the tradition foam mic-condom cover and already have the screw on pop guard, so it’s going to be a bitch to properly spit all over the new mic, but I’ll do my best. I’m one helluva salivator.

  • haha

  • haha maybe i’m using the wrong terminology, i have a pair of lucky jeans that are ‘jegging’ material and from touch/look you cannot tell (or i cannot tell) them from a normal pair of jeans.

  • i’ve seen gents go back and forth on forums about that issue, at least from what i’ve read given how long the batteries last they are at least neck and neck in reliability but i have no personal experience there, the solar panel on your wrist part is the real argument winner here! :)

  • Rien Ennaa

    Dragging a multi track recorder with you? Or maybe it’s not that big anyways..? Ableton live man ! :D

  • how would you get 4 inputs though?

    here it is, it’s pretty sleek!!

  • I’m actually in US, I’m not sure what I’d do overseas.

    BTW those replacements were awesome!!!

  • Rien Ennaa

    Riiight! I have a RME Fireface UC, very portable as well and suitable for music production too. But yours looks extremely portable, handheld… Sleek indeed! Looking forward to future episodes ;)

  • Freddy Lansky

    Haha we are on the same page. I’d love to spend $200 on some good headphones but they ALWAYS break after 6-12 months no matter how much you spend… (

    Some say you can extend the life by remembering to keep the headphones in the pouch whenever you put them in your pocket/bag so they don’t fray, but such a pain to remember to do that.

    And you also struck a cord about having a portable speaker. I forgot my UE boom at home so I ended up snatching a Bose Mini Soundlink at the airport.

    And the laptop screen … I’ve been wanting to give up my 17″ macbook monster for years, but then I think about the screen real estate, its just not the same! lol.

  • I’m glad you have found a recording system you are happy with, but I loved the rooster and tuk-tuk background noise. It made the show sound like it embodied the ethos of running a business anywhere in the world!

  • haha now I might just need to get the rooster’s to perform for me and inject it in as b-roll :P

  • haha I just installed the new phone pads on my bose headset and am so relieved to find that it seems like an upgrade and that I’ll be able to get another few years out of these puppies. So far these haven’t broken for me because I find the case to be so convenient, so i’ve never not put them in there.

    yeah man screen real estate is the name of the game for what we do, so i’d think a lot / test before losing any of it for packing convenience.

  • can confirm is light and easy to pack!

  • Enjoyed the update episode, we all secretly geek out about gear, cheers for the insight. Amazed to see the 2100 Technica priced at $39 on Amazon at the moment , thats a bargain! on the bench about a portable speaker, but your right, it does make a hotel room feel more like home. Swear by compression bags, need to pick up an extra one for me smellier items, smart tip! Still in search for the ultimate dream pair of headphones too, looking for some suggestions. Thank you for the episode :)

  • thanks Dave, that’s a huge deal for 39 bucks. I just replaced the pads on my bose qc 15’s and they are good as new (actually, better as the replacement company says the new ear pads won’t fade as the old ones did).

  • Seth Overly

    Great episode! I’m getting ready to head to Chiang Mai in a couple months so I’m loving geekin’ out on gear. I’m digging your idea of having a portable speaker to make it feel like home, last time I traveled through Asia my buddy had a portable speaker and we threw a dance party or two with our hostel mates.

    Also going to be picking up a dry bag and compression sack, good call on both.

    The North Face Recon… I bought this bag before my very first international trip in 2010. It’s been with me to every country, state and backwoods adventure I’ve been on since, love the bag.

  • rock on man glad you dug it ! :)

  • Hello Dan,

    thanks for the fantastic update. Always looking forward to reading your packing tips. You inspired me to write about my stuff when traveling as a dj and podcaster.

    Congrats on the ATR2100, love it since episode 1 of my Houseschuh podcast.


  • cheers thanks!

  • Francisco

    That’s a picture of sevilla, my hometown!!!
    Well done.

  • ’tis :D

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