TMBA 240: Knowing How Versus Knowing What

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This week bossman and I discuss being unpopular in the face of pressure from friends, family, team members, and employees. Bossman references his new “entrepreneurmobile” gratuitously and we ponder the distinctions being ‘know-how’ and ‘know-what’ knowledge.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How to know when to stop engineering a product and move forward.
  • Four forms of doing the unpopular thing.
  • How you can avoid building a prison of payments.
  • The importance of living wherever it takes to be by your tribe.
  • Why you should be preaching less and practicing more.

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Published on 04.17.14
  • Hakim

    Boooom chaka laka New Prodcast ! Always waiting ur wisdom guys (y) keep on the good work

  • yessir hope you dig it ! assuming you are a huge NBA jam fan :)

  • Charles Hall

    The prison of payments comment really resonated with me. I’ve always tried to live my life in a debt free way, and people often question me about it. In my mind debt = slavery, and removes a lot of freedom from my life.

    I also like the comment about knowing versus doing. There are always small details and glitches that show up when you move from the knowing and talking stage, to the doing stage. It’s a really good reminder for me to do more.


  • Colby Kirk

    Great show today fellas. Agree with Charles on the prison of payments-I’ll be getting my parole papers in the next couple months.

    Ian,my favorite albums, if I had to pick 10 for my deserted tropical island, in no particular order:

    Tupac-Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me

    Jay Z-Reasonable Doubt

    Dr. Dre Chronic


    Scarface-The Diary, the Fix

    UGK-Ridin dirty

    Notorious BIG: Ready to Die


    Probably not the typical list, but I love my southern rap. How bout you?

  • Kyle Barraclough

    “He who knows how will always work for he who knows why.” ~David Lee Roth

    I’ve always known this to be true, but struggled to find good examples. The show made this point very well.

  • The ultimate entrepreneur mobile? Make money while you drive!

  • Here is my entrepreneur mobile from 2005. It is a 1995 Honda Civic Couple I bought for 550 pounds. I sold it a year later for 600 pounds. I loved that car :)

  • Pat D

    Thanks for responding to my VM – gave me the validation and assurance I needed. Wasn’t sure if I was the clueless entrepreneur who should stop rushing the product development, invest more money in design, and slow down. In reality, I’m confident we’ve got a great minimum viable product, and it’s time to ship or get off the pot! I’ll let the engineers tweek, work and twerk on the 2nd generation or other projects.

  • Ian

    Awesome list Colby, a lot of my favorites too! Love that UGK is on the list!

  • Ian

    Sick ride Daniel, I’ve always been a fan of the purple! They were rare here in the US. Selling your entrepreneurmobile for more than you bought it for means you did it right.

  • You’re killing me bossman! “means you did it right” hahahha

  • Sick ride Daniel!

  • hey Pat thanks for calling in we really appreciate that!!! Congrats on the MVP and best of luck with the grind ahead :)

  • haha I like how you roll Joe ! :)

  • cheers Kyle, didn’t think of it that way but makes sense!

  • wow GREAT list, the challenge has been laid down. For some reason I never vibed with Illmatic, maybe I’m not gansta enough

  • cheers Charles glad you dug it thank you for listening!!!

  • iketheware

    Hey, I am going to be going to college in a few month and figured it would be the perfect time to start working on entrepreneurship, am I right in thinking this? I have a pretty loose schedule for the first year. Knowing how long things take to get going, I would rather get a head start :) What category would you recommend going into?

  • My current entrepreneurmobile…

  • Jonathan Heston

    My entrepreneurmobile…that blew a head gasket a few weeks ago because the radiator fan stopped working (and I didn’t know). :(

    Amazing car = no car payments. :)

    487785 miles.

    Guess what model I bought again? :)

  • KJ

    Here’s my entrepreneur-mobile:

    2000 VW TDI, purchased for $1,000 USD.

    320,xxx miles and still gets 50MPG.

  • OH SHIT that is gansta. Folks are seriously scared of 300+K miles which means you get a beast of a car for only 1K. Rock sauce!!!!!!

  • Wow wow wow great ride. Had a buddy with the same exact color and model and he re-bought as well!!!!! Certainly a world class entrepreneurmobile congrats :)

  • :D

  • why not become an apprentice for a successful entrepreneur?

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