TMBA 185 (LBP153) – 10 Potent Quotables From DC BER Speakers

TMBA 185 (LBP153) – 10 Potent Quotables From DC BER Speakers post image

Dan and Ian come at you this week from Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, Vietnam with the highlights from the DC Berlin Meetup last week.  There were some absolute rockstar speakers at the event and the energy and excitement were electric.

With topics ranging from smart drugs and focus optimization to SEO and ecommerce best practices, the event was jam packed with incredible people and information.  This week’s podcast brings you the top ten quotables and topics of discussion that are exactly what you need to reset your mental framework and fuel your entrepreneurial jet.

Enter the Dojo

  • Cam Collins’ concept of an entrepreneur and why you might not even be one right now.
  • Simon Payne’s view of why the best employees hire you, not the other way around.
  • Dan Taylor’s approach to building your entrepreneurial momentum through selling businesses.
  • Jesse Lawler’s evidence that you might be working at the equivalent of .1 BAC.
  • Andrew Youdarian’s experience in ecommerce which emphasizes customer relationships over store design.


Just The Tips

  • Google Docs as a WIKI
    ◦    Revision history.
    ◦    Update alerts w/email.
    ◦    Inline comments w/alerts.
The Jam
  • Get Lucky” – with Michael Jackson edits
Get Your Voice On The LBP
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Episode length: 26:10

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Published on 04.25.13
  • Thanks for the very kind words! Ian is right about me kicking it down the road, as I have big plans with this “movement” soon enough. No need to be spamming people now when I’m covering all my expenses fine. I hope some people took my words to heart that rather than earning the most money, learning to spend less can give you a higher quality of life and you can focus on the message, rather than the inhuman funnelling.

    What a wonderful weekend! Thanks for bringing everyone together, and I hope things work out that I can make it to Bangkok

  • Rob C

    “Sleeping five hours a night for five nights straight is the equivalent for being up for eighteen hours straight.”

    You mean it’s like getting six hours of sleep? Either something was lost in translation, or I’m getting too much sleep.

  • Nice show this week gentlemen. If I am not mistaken this was your second or third meet up and each time you have rotated presenters, which I find to be an important part of these types of events. All too often conferences use the same presenters over and over and over and it becomes stale.

    I say in 2014 you should try and throw Latin America into the mix and do a Medellin Colombia event.

    Are there any plans to video or voice record these in the future?


  • Solid!

    Another thing about Google Drive that people never seem to mention is it does exactly the same thing as DropBox. I replaced DropBox with G Drive and it means all of my files (whether they are google docs or not) are all in the one place (for some reason that makes me feel good), it’s also cheaper and otherwise pretty much exactly the same.

    Sounds like an awesome event.

  • Dan

    Hey Rob– that was confusing. My notes say that sleeping only 5 hours a day all week long (like I used to do when I had a job) basically makes you feel like you’ve been up for 18 hours straight (sleep deprived) or like you’ve been drinking.

  • Dan

    cheers Dan Interesting RE: DB / GDrive… gotta check that out, I’ve been so confused by the GDrive UI that I haven’t made the full transition for file sharing and syncing.

  • Dan

    Cheers yes almost all of the presenters were new. We record the events for DC members but we won’t be marketing/selling the content to the public.

  • Dan

    Hope so too Benny, we all appreciate you sharing so much at the conference was a great day…

  • Ian

    Benny is the boss folks… Had a great time catching up Benny.

  • Sounded like an awesome time.
    Nice to hear Andrew’s name come up from Ecommerce Fuel. I’ve been checking him out for quite some time and am continuously learning from his podcast’s and blog post’s.

    The “Get Lucky” edit is interesting.

  • Just a heads up… it’s

  • Dan

    ack sorry about that Greg!

  • Dan

    :D it was! Andrew is a boss

  • Wow, lot of good stuff here… I especially like the quote “You don’t funnel people.”

    It reminds me of the point Gary V makes on the practices of business people of older generations who really cared an extra amount about their customers (shopkeeper knowing customers by name, the local blacksmith making something for you personally etc) being actually a model for today’s world of the social web, rather than a sort of mechanistic, impersonal conversion sort of thing.

    Although, let’s be honest, everyone is still going to test their funnel ;) …The trick I suppose is the art of maintaining both practices.

  • Dan

    haha true :)

  • Love the diversity of the speakers at your events guys, look forward to DCBKK.

    Interesting point about using creatine as a cognitive enhancer. Just be careful using the monohydrate unless you like being bloated and peeing several times a night ;-) The ethyl-ester tastes foul but doesn’t have these side effects.

    Hope to catch you in Bali soon!

  • Dan

    Hey Tom thanks for the shout!!! Noted on the bloat :) Looking forward to checking this out shortly…

  • Without the details I can’t comment much, but anytime I hear an either/or statement red flags go up. Can Benny create a movement and cash out at $25mil and still sell products and services along the way? Maybe.

    People don’t want to be manipulated. It’s like that old saying, “People hate being sold, but they love to buy.”

    If you hide your products and services then you may be preventing the help someone wants from you. You could also be depriving them of the joy of buying your products — to have a deeper connection with your movement.

    Dan your a music man. How many fans buy a band’s merchandise and concert tickets and albums? The Grateful Dead was a band and a movement and they still made a fortune.


  • I just saw Benny’s comment after posting mine. Like I said, I don’t have much information as to context. I used to believe in maximizing profits, but once you’re making a profit money and effort should be reinvested to make a better experience for your audience and customers. Or the short version “make the world a better place.”

  • basicmetals

    Great list….

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