TMBA 213: What Makes a Great Conference Talk?

TMBA 213: What Makes a Great Conference Talk? post image

The fellas are switching things up and coming to you from Europe this week.  Having just finished speaking at the MicroConf event in Prague, they’ve got insights coming out of their ears and just couldn’t wait to share them with you.

You’ll hear about some of the spotlight speakers from the event and the incredible frameworks, modalities and systems they employ to see wild success in the software and SAAS industries.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Patrick McKenzie’s single most effective way to make more revenue (and perhaps the scariest).
  • Why being a craftsman is the winning long-term play over opportunism.
  • Rob Walling’s public speaking and presentation techniques that keep listeners on the edge of their seats.
  • Nathan Barry’s concept of more revenue from less customers.
  • Adii Pienaar’s controversial method for validating a product concept.

People and links mentioned on this episode:

Dan & Ian’s Presentation Format:

1.    What are we going to talk about, plus the benefits.
2.    Who we are, and why you should listen.
3.    The specific takeaways you’ll get.
4.    The problem.
5.    The solution.
6.    Before solution, after solution. Bounce back and forth.
7.    Common mistakes implementing the solution and how to avoid them.
8.    What you can do to act now.

IMG_6424With the one and only Mike Taber from Start Ups For the Rest of Us.

Simon Payne (Leadpages) and friends at our DCx Prague event.IMG_1151

Ian and I giving a talk “What Operating System Runs Your Business.’

2013 #MicroConf Speakers.

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 10.10.13
  • I’m so upset. I had no idea you guys were so close! I am in Slovakia at the moment and if I knew I would do anything to go to Prague and meet you guys. Big fan! :)

  • aroundtheworldin80kisses

    WTS**t…great episode. When was the Bkk gt-together again, pls? Any ticket available, yet?

  • Melanie Richards

    You’re lookin’ fit Dan. John got you on the juice?

  • Ray

    ValetUp looks very slick and professional, awesome work!

    Good luck with the project and I can’t wait to hear progress in future podcasts.

  • Adam at The Green Microgym

    What I like about this episode is that it’s becoming more clear everyday that beyond some basics that everyone needs, there is an infinite number of combinations of ways to achieve success in these types of businesses. That’s exciting to me.

  • Dan

    Thanks Adam appreciate you taking a listen! :)

  • Dan

    Cheers thanks Ray, we’ll be talking about it a lot for sure.

  • Dan

    haha just noodles.

  • Dan

    hey thanks! it starts the 18th i think it’s sold out now

  • Dan

    ah bummer! next time ! appreciate you listening!

  • Bettina

    Oh, I was excited to discover the first mompreneur here, but now she’s called Adam… Bummer!
    What’s that song at the end of the show by the way? I like it.
    Glad you had so many great insights at Microconf. Patricks talk at microconf 2012 is available online and also very interestjng. He talks abiut raising prices as well. Till the next time!

  • Dan

    yeah his videos online are gold!

    song at the end of the show is something I wrote , just a 3 chord jam!

  • Bettina

    Really, you wrote that?? Could that be another career!?! What music inspired you to write it? I haven’t listened to rock music in a long time. I used to listen to punk etc. it when I was much younger, then only listened to classical music and operas for a while, so would be nice to get some ideas on where to look for good rock music.

  • Dan

    used to want to be a rock star, didn’t quite work out :)

  • Thanks Dan. I guess you guys probably said something about the meetup on the LBP or TMBA show, but since I wanted to listen to all of the episodes way from the beginning and I am still a few episodes behind, I missed it. I should catch up soon so I will have up-to-date information on hand and will not miss out like this again :)

  • Bettina

    Thanks for sharing that, Dan. Forgot to say that valetUp looks great and that I, too, look forward to hearing the story behind it.

  • Dan

    haha cheers! we’ll try to put future events on the blog posts as well so you can check in your reader.

  • Dan

    cheers thanks :)

  • martyn

    Amazingly, I was in Prague at the same time as you guys, but didn’t know as I’m not in the DC! Argh! WOuld have loved to buy you a beer for the many many hours of great podcast you’ve provided!

    I love the template you have suggested, and broadly speaking i think this can apply to not only talks, but training courses, product marketing and interviews.

  • Thanks, I appreciate that! All the best to you and Ian ;)

  • Ian

    Bummer Martyn, we’ll be back!

  • Ian

    Best comment goes to Melanie..

  • Kevin Cuccaro

    Great episode guys with some excellent takeaways. I agree with martyn that the presentation template is very similar for copy (which makes quite a bit of sense).

    The piece on Nathan Barry’s price structure struck me as the principle behind Perry Marshall’s 80/20 power curve–if you haven’t seen it you should check it out. His latest book “80/20 Sales & Marketing” is only the second book I’ve ever finished, then immediately re-read. He hits directly on this concept of pricing tiers/value.

    Fantastic read if you get the chance.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    ah cheers didn’t know he had a book out, appreciate the tip-off.

  • I’m not sure when you redesigned your site but you nailed it! Great typography and lots of white space.

  • Dan


  • No talk of Czech food…??

  • Dan

    LOVE IT!

  • Recognition has to be for stating the obvious, I definitely love these podcasts. I always look forward to the friday, but consistently get stoked by surprise on thursdays because of the time difference! :)

    – Ryan

  • Dan

    haha feelin’ ya on that one :)

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