TMBA 214: 10 Predictions For 2014 and Beyond

TMBA 214: 10 Predictions For 2014 and Beyond post image

As we approach DCBKK, we wanted to have a little chat about our predictions for the future of business as we know it. There’s a shift that’s slowly happening as we progress and we’re starting to see a massive rise in the growth of location independent, professionally run businesses.

Kaiser Soze himself is hanging with Ian and I for a super fun discussion.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Google is your business plan.
  • The new epicenter of virtual assistants.
  • Why location independence makes location more important.
  • Whether or not virtual currencies will gain a broader appeal.
  • How the personal blog plays into the “one hour” rule.

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 10.17.13
  • What’s the name of the DC’er-owned business mentioned early in the podcast?

  • Brazilianlifestyle

    Starting a business is today’s market was easier than 2005, by a long shot. However, we’re building these businesses in a far deeper sea of information. Therefore it is much easier to become lost at sea and really travel sideways and travel sideways quite steadily into thinking you’re making progress.

    What do you guys think of the necessity of a road map against that just do it and it will happen mentality??

  • Mike Gilliland

    Thanks for the mention! I see a round of Vodka tonics and apple shishas in your collective futures.

    Plugging in to the Saigon network was a huuuge advantage for us. Problems that would have taken us years to work out on our own ended up costing us a couple of minor hangovers after a few late-night business discussions with Jon and Dan. Results would have been much different had we not come to such an amazing hub of creative and motivated people.

  • Adam at The Green Microgym

    I’m also interested in finding out more about the kick starter/alibaba business that Jon mentioned he’s advising.

    Wondering if this would be a good candidate:

  • Thanks for mentioning us!

    Both Saigon and Chiang Mai have been amazing for us. Meeting all the DCers and cooking in this entrepreneurial soup, so to speak, has been a huge factor in our business’ growth. It’s not just the insights, it’s also the attitude that these people have about everything in life – it’s contagious!

    I’m actually really curious about the Alibaba/Kickstarter hybrid you guys mentioned. Could you post a link? Seems like few entrepreneurs are delving into the technology and electronics product field, but I think many would like to if the engineering and production aspects were more accessible. A site like this could really help bridge the gap.

  • Jim Wilson

    You’ll probably enjoy this TED talk, which discusses another angle of “digital currency”. Basically, big brands like Starbucks and Nike, are embracing it as well. For example Starbuck has Star Points, where people can pay straight from their phone with points they’ve either ‘bought’ with dollars or earned.

    The TED talk didn’t discuss it, but I think that sort of thing is huge because 1) Starbucks is essentially getting paid WAY before they deliver the product, thus they have the ability to act as a bank for the collective sums of money. (i.e. They can invest the millions of dollars that their customer’s have collectively exchanged for Star Points.)

    And 2) companies that use their own currency potentially give themselves more flexibility with regard to accounting and tax issues, since US Dollars aren’t involved in the transaction. Admittedly, I have not yet researched that issue so I may be wrong. Interesting none-the-less.

    Here’s the link:

    ~ Jim

    PS I’m a huge fan. Love the show. I’ve listened to every single episode! Thank you!

  • Dan

    Hey Jim thank you so much for that and for the helpful link. I’ll check it out. Love the idea of alternative currencies in general… the relationship between “value” and “money” has always been more complex that more basic currencies express

  • Dan

    good question, my sense is mental tools / frameworks are more important since roadmaps will inevitably change.

  • Dan

    Emailed Kaizer about it.

    It’s been awesome to follow you guys. Awesome event BTW!

  • Dan

    YES YES!!!!

    So glad you guys came out!!!

  • Dan

    Emailed the man to ask him about this…..

  • Dan

    thanks for listening Adam!!!!

  • I agree that keeping an comprehensive tool kit and getting to work vs a road map, now realizing, aka a ‘blueprint mentality’, will get you further. That said, you should constantly learn from your own results, intuitively of course, and set sail from there!

  • Dan

    true! if you can draw some principles from what you’ve done all the better, i’ve noticed many successful people developing this skillset.

  • Dan

    Hey Danny here’s the name of the site… Jon was hesitant to share b/c they are launching a re-design in a few weeks but it isn’t live yet. (check back!)

  • Dan
  • Cheers Dan (and Jon). I bet people will build/are building some really unique stuff.

    Side note — is it be possible to 3D print cat furniture? The thought just popped in my head…

  • Dan

    oh you better believe it ! :)

  • Danny, Dragon is a competitor.

    People are building really cool stuff on HWTrek.

    Obviously, the site that is there NOW is NOT mine. lol

    Just wanted to be clear.

    We’re gonna relaunch in a few weeks and I’ll keep you guys posted. It will be a total makeover.

    If you have a hardware product you’re interesting in working on using HWTrek, please let me know.

  • Runner

    Dan, Here’s how to solve your world phone problem. Forget the traditional phone # for voice and text messages. In the future everything will be over data.

    Already there is a really good solution for world-wide text messages, Threema. It allows you to text with people anywhere in the world (you just need wifi or data on any cheap local SIM card, the phone # doesn’t matter) and it’s end to end encrypted.

    I’m getting family set up on Threema before setting off abroad. I’m still working on a good voice solution, but it’ll also be via data too, some kind of voip For now, Jitsi, Facetime, Skype, CSipSimple are decent options.

  • Dan

    Cheers thank you for that, I’m totally cool with the texting it’s the always on voice that I’m looking for!!!

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