TMBA 317: How to Embrace Changing Priorities

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This week Dan and Ian are chatting with Peter Griffin, a member of the Dynamite Circle who relocated to Austin, TX about two years ago. Peter is a prototypical digital nomad. Starting his own business has afforded him the ability to travel the world, but now that he’s getting older, he is starting to figure out what is really important to him. We’ll be talking with Peter about why he decided to move to Austin, and what happens to digital nomads when their priorities start to change.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The differences between living in Austin and Portland. (4:47)
  • Why the place where you live is just as important as what you do with your life. (6:01)
  • What Peter learned from working in an assisted living home. (7:36)
  • Why Austin is the number one city for Dynamite Circle members. (14:12)
  • Whether Peter believes the principles of The 4-Hour Workweek still hold true today. (21:02)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 12.31.15
  • Good stuff. Liked Austin a lot, and agree with Peter a great place for young hustlers…

  • Must be good if grandpa gives it his stamp of approval

  • camrrudani


    This is an awesome article creative by you. You really inserted some very interesting points which force us to think in details. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you – Hanuman Chalisa

  • cheers DT

  • good for young old and medium! :D

  • Hey you Internet Kids, Get Off My Lawn!

  • OK here comes the back-handed compliment..

    Firstly, the quality of the show (content & production) has been superb of late, please keep it up.

    It’s almost as if a giant cat-furniture-shaped obligation has been removed from your daily lives.. hmm.. ;-)

    However, I found the content of this episode a bit of a mismatch given the episode title?

    The episode was nice as a stand-alone piece, but I really didn’t hear any discussion about ‘changing priorities’.

    Your guest pretty much still came across as the ‘typical’ nomad stereotype with no responsibilities (no mortgage/lease, no spouse, no kids, no demands at all on his personal time etc) except he was staying in one spot.

    I see that he’s active on this thread, and I think someone like Damian Thompson would be far more representative of changing obligations (i.e. business pivots, moving countries, new family etc).

    I look forward to some future episodes when the priorities really start to show up. Episode #372 Bossman gets married, Episode #482 Bossman gets divorced etc ;-)

  • Payback time DT for the quota incident, I’m gonna follow you around the internet and harass you in all the comments ALL OF THEM

  • Bossman gets divorced? Way to share the positive energy around!

    But you make a good point, I’d love to hear how Damian keeps up such an active mobile lifestyle, he’s doing pretty well for someone of his age

  • I could pull a Tullibo and wait 3 years to respond?

  • that’s a good point Mark I also feel we could have named this episode better. Agree also that Damian’s POV here RE: his big moves last year will be great to have on the show, we’ll get that one for sure!

  • ha!

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