TMBA 174 (LBP146) – Some of Our Quirky Day to Day Entrepreneurial Habits

TMBA 174 (LBP146) – Some of Our Quirky Day to Day Entrepreneurial Habits post image

Dan and Ian do a little bit of contemplating this week on their entrepreneurial habits.  As humans, we’re all creatures of habit whether that’s hitting the neon lights at 5:01 every day or getting up a little early for some yoga.  The fellas talk about the habits they have worked into their current lifestyles which have had the biggest effect on their businesses.

Intentional Habit Setting

  • The top habits Dan and Ian stick to that have lead to growth and success.
  • Why ballers take the blame – and how this mental framework will elevate your business.
  • Why you should be separating hard work from the systems that deliver value in your business.
  • How to be an advocate for your audience to create raving fans.
  • When you should use “State of the Union” addresses to re-focus your team.


Just The Tips


  • Coffitivity


The Jam

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Episode length: 24:03

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Published on 03.14.13
  • Josh

    There was an WSO on the Warrior Forum a few months back that I bought for $27 called “How to Get on the LBP almost every week.”

    The 1st module goes over the most effective way to get your message to Dan and Ian.

    The 2nd module is a psychology lesson with video titles like “the 6 things that make Ian” tick and “The 4 things Dan secretly wants people to ask him,” and “How to get on the LBP blacklist.”

    The 3rd module is about how to craft a message that is sure to get a response from Dan and Ian.

    The 4th module is how to put the system on autopilot. By using outsourcers to create messages and sending them out using Boomerang, I’ve been able to get messages on 5 LBP episodes with 15 minutes of work that I did 3 months ago.

    I’ve talked to the creator of the product and he has agreed to offer a special discounted price to listeners of this episode. Buy here:

  • Dan

    haha… not sure you are going to see ROI on that 27 bucks. my favorite contribution thus far was the Timmy video! :D

  • Josh

    Is that the clip that’s at the end of every episode now?

  • Dan

    No that’s my friend’s daughter.

  • What happens if I buy in the next 24hours Josh???

  • Dan

    death OR dismemberment.

  • Josh

    But wait, theres more! If you buy in the next 24 hours you’ll also get this green coconut that I found in Dan’s trash.

  • Dan


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  • Josh

    You guys joked about listening to Coffitivity at a coffee shop, but for reals, the ambient noise of most coffee shops doesn’t compare.

  • Dan

    Certainly not for serious entrepreneurs ! :)

  • Hey guys,
    Loved this episode! Good to hear about some of the ‘everyday stuff’ that keeps you guys ticking. I also just picked up one of the books (Rockerfeller).
    The gringo style video is gold – clever and funny. Also loved the music by Diplo – listening now on Spotify. Got tons out of this episode! Keep it up. Cheers — Tristan.

  • Dan

    Cheers Tristan ! We’ll try and keep it coming.

  • Thanks for getting to my questions guys. I got a lot out of this episode. Also a big thanks for the Coffetivity. It’s the jam.

  • Dan

    yeah buddy ! Anytime you want LBP hand delivered man :)

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