TMBA 208 – What We’re Reading

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Ian and I have been wanting to bring an updated reading list to move your journey forward. On this episode, we wax a little philosophical about a variety of the best stuff we’ve been reading.

On the show this week:

  • How to choose your way forward like Calvin And Hobbes.
  • The key difference between a lifestyle business and a traditional one.
  • How to make the difficult choice between financial wealth and control of your own head space.
  • The value of challenging your own assumptions.
  • Why high friction relationships take precedence over scale.

People on this episode:

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What we’re excited about this week:


Marc continues to send inspiring photos from his epic road trip! 

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 09.05.13
  • DG Gregory

    Dan and Ian,

    Good stuff guys. I especially enjoyed the Bill Watterson article. I wanted to tell you that I’ve really been enjoying the direction of the podcast lately. I love it when you guys dive deep and get philosophical versus the “tips and tricks” type of content. I’m a long time listener of the LBP but I’m finding that I like the TMBA style much more. Keep up the great work.



    “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

  • Josh Frank

    Just a heads up, the link to the Calvin and Hobbes article actually goes to the snowden article.

  • Dan

    Thanks fixed!

  • Dan

    Hey Gregory thanks for the encouragement and for listening! We are loving the more flexible format and plan to keep them coming!

  • What do you mean my life can’t always be yummy? #awesomequotable

  • Dan

    haha… i first heard that from Adam Carolla, he said something like unsuccessful people are pre-disposed for the ‘yummy’ in life– they aren’t willing to work to build higher level skills and tastes. always cracked me up

  • Thomas LaCosta

    GREAT PODCAST! I really appreciate that you discuss a more nuanced entrepreneurial vision. I plan on reading several of the books you recommended. And, I too want to give my recommendation for Jiro Dreams of Sushi — one of the best movies (not just documentaries) I have seen in a long, long time.

  • Dan

    Cheers Thomas thanks for the encouragement we’ll keep it up… agreed there RE: Jiro it’s a great meditation on artisans and craft.

  • Heading off to Philippines, would love to get in touch with you guys.

  • Kevin Cuccaro

    Great episode & loving the links. Particularly enjoyed the Short Order Cook link and this:

    “I was an eager pupil. The only thing that made me sufficient for the job was that I felt insufficient: it had never occurred to me that the problem was we needed a second dishwasher, or to accept the conclusion that I was a bad dishwasher, saying with a shrug that I was cut out for better things.

    I learned instead to hit the dishes as if my life depended on it, blasting the ladles and ashtrays until my face was covered in teriyaki and drenched ashes. Seeing that, Steven would yell out his highest praise,


    Good stuff.

  • todddoubleu

    Just want to echo DG Gregory’s comments. The “inner game” stuff is terrific. Many thanks! Todd

  • Dan

    cheers thanks!

  • Dan

    in Vietnam!

  • Dan

    haha… great quote

  • maccax

    love your work Dan! I might have a huge business opportunity which will land me in Phuket, Thailand for awhile. All due to executing on allot of your business strategies over the last couple of years with my own online lifestyle business that takes me around the world. Loving life.

  • Dan

    rock on congrats!!!!!

  • Actually a free and easy to use alternative to Sketch is the Presentation feature of Google Drive (formerly Google Docs & Spreadsheets) –
    It’s far from a professional sketching application, but it does the trick and is fast to use and share.

  • Dan

    Good call there… they’ve got a drawing app too, Sketch is a whole level but yeah 50 bucks. Good call.

  • Yeah, the drawing app was actually was I was thinking of, although now that I think of it presentations might be good too as every new slide can extend the previous one with ease.

  • Are you still in Vietnam?

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