TMBA 221: 5 Trends In Remote Working and Team Building

TMBA 221: 5 Trends In Remote Working and Team Building post image

I’ve got Joe “Hot Money” Magnotti on as my co-host this week in the wake of Ian’s much needed romp in Europe. Today, we’re passing the ball back and forth about the direction things are going regarding remote working and team building. We’ve been noticing that the old norms are shifting (some have been for a while) to a new era that we’re super stoked for. We dig into a ton of meaty stuff and add a little philosophical fun at the end.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What’s happening to “outsourcing” as we’ve come to know it.
  • Why creating a narrative to inspire your team is going to be a game changer.
  • Where the best people on your team are going to come from (hint: it probably won’t be from Cornell).
  • The rise of the lifestyle design job and how it impacts entrepreneurs.
  • How to create one of the most competitive cost structures in the world.

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 12.05.13
  • We’re going to buildup the DC community in Rio – Ipanema is the beach of beaches!

  • Baller call ins Dan! :)

    Clicks and Bricks is precisely what I’ve been focusing on the past year. Giving my brand depth with the brick and mortar and still rocking the reach with the online component. I’ve set up my processes in Cincinnati so that I’m able to run my biz in Washington D.C. and really be able to travel anywhere anytime. Would love to hear more from you guys regarding this.

    I think you’ll enjoy the video trailer on The Compound too.

    Take a looksie ::

    Keep being awesome!


  • bluebridgedev

    I like the “meat and potatoes” episodes as much as anyone else, but keep coming with the philosophical stuff too. Tactics win battles, but principles, perspective, and strategy carry the war.

  • People underestimate following your heart in what you do. If I wasn’t trying to build my business to help independent musicians to be successful I wouldn’t get out of bed motivated to work.

  • Luke Ryan

    I think an eventual tipping point for building remote/distributed teams is inevitable and like the 37signals guys say in their book… the early adopters have already been and gone, the questions is whether you’re going to join in and catch up.

    There are some great companies out there that have built amazing businesses with this model and blog/write openly about their processes eg Buffer, Zapier, Automattic to name a few.

  • Dan

    Agreed… this narrative is the new moat… used to be just the opposite, that you didn’t talk about your biz in order to protect it. Agreed remote is a few years too late to interest internet entrepreneurs in terms of it’s concepts

  • Dan

    i agree. it’s tricky advice to give but it’s powerful.

  • Dan

    thanks for that we’ll try to do both!

  • Dan

    yeah buddy thanks for the link and for the call Patrick! Looking forward to following along with your progress.

  • Dan

    YES YES YES ! :D

  • Dan

    Woah that’s badass

  • Most people might take it as campfire buddy advice and ignore the power behind it, but really it just means following your inclinations as Robert Greene would put it.

  • Tugallnet

    I enjoyed your podcast immensely.
    If you need some intro to Indonesia, I can help you as Ive been in Jakarta for the last 2 years, no good beaches in short distance, unfortunately.

    (southwest european in southeast asia)

  • Dan

    Thanks for that really appreciate it!

  • Speaking of waxing philosophical: I think digital nomadism is an social expression of the pursuit of maximum hedonic pleasure.

  • I’m in Medellin now… Hoping to spend some time in Rio next year!

  • Dan

    don’t get me started! :)

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