TMBA 245: The Tao of the Sale

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This week, it’s all about making the sale. Bossman and I are exploring twenty random thoughts that we’ve had about sales. We talk about everything from salesmanship, to what that process looks like, what some of the key tactics that we use are, and how you can evolve by using these strategies.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why recording your sales calls can be your most powerful tool.
  • The power of silence when closing a sale.
  • Why you should be trying to sell everything.
  • How understanding real-life sales can translate into the online world.
  • Why you need to be crafting a narrative for what you are selling.

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 05.22.14
  • Kurt Bouma

    Thanks dudes, another great episode. One suggestion, I love the idea of rap and reviews however the rap and the volume of your voice are pretty much at the same level, making it incredibly hard to listen to either the rap or what you’re talking about. I’ve had to end the podcast as soon as rap and reviews started for the last 3 weeks.

    Being that there is a gold nugget every couple minutes with you guys, I’m afraid I’m missing some big stuff… thanks again.

  • Best episode since Rip Pivot & Jam. Value packed fellas. Thanks for all the knowledge bombs. Time to go implement the new insights…

  • Hey guys happy to close out the Top 20 ideas!

    Ian my man I don’t need to sell ALL the peoples, just my peoples… :)

    Cold Calls less than 1% effectiveness, Cold Emails 5%. Better, stronger, faster.

    The #1 rule of prospecting is to not take rejection so fucking personally…

    Some will, some won’t, who cares, who’s next?

  • BTdubs just saw an email before heading to bed of a client referring us to someone. If you can’t get your customers to sell for you, you are toast! ;)

  • Thanks DT these are some great tips and looking forward to having you back on the show shortly!

  • :D :D :D

  • Thanks Chris glad you found some value here!

  • Hey Kurt great point there, we brought it up with our audio editor here.

    Thanks for listening!!!!

  • Brian

    Tons of good stuff in here. Love that you guys are hammering on your product/brand needing to sell itself. Niching til’ it hurts = low customer acquisition costs and refer-ability…also known as the only way to market without being a millionaire first.

  • Kevin Cuccaro

    Way late to the discussion but great episode and wanted to comment.

    The discussion on sales was amazing but I don’t like the term “overcoming objections.”

    Objections shouldn’t be overcome–they should be answered.

    If your product or service fits/fills the need then great. But if it doesn’t then a good salesman should say “You know what… I don’t think our Cat Castle is the best for you… You should check out Two Tree’s Fantastic Feline Fiesta Flat.”

    This builds trust and long term relationships.

    Also if you’re the seller and think “answering objections” instead of “overcoming objections” it makes it easier to sell (at least for me).

    Sales becomes a process of providing value rather than a battle for someone’s money.

    There are some people I can provide value for. There are other people who can provide better value for other things.

    If I can provide someone something of value OR guide them to someone else who can…

    …everyone is happy.

    And no objections needed to be overcome.

  • hey Kevin no such thing as too late! I really like this re-frame up, never heard it before and I dig it! Thanks for coming by and sharing it.

  • I love this episode for a number of reasons. I wrote a blog a couple years ago called the It’s was all about being present in the sale and authentic. Love your take on sales and being fearlessness about picking up the phone. Keep at it, you guys are an inspiration.

  • freakin’ sweet Patrick that’s great to hear! :)

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