TMBA 390: How to Get Better at Sales

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One of the topics that Dan and Ian have repeatedly been asked to talk about on this show is sales.

The reality for the majority of the entrepreneurs who listen to this show is that their businesses live or die by their sales funnel. It’s also one of the number one things that entrepreneurs struggle to get good at.

So, Dan and Ian decided to call John Logar, a talented and successful salesperson who has always been very generous about sharing his advice.

In this week’s program, John shares some of those insights, including a 4 step daily process that he guarantees will bring you more sales.

This isn’t going to be a drive by, ‘top ten list’ type of an episode. This is a deep dive into the type of skills and habits that will help you build a better, more profitable sales funnel for your business.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why the most successful salespeople are usually introverts. (5:22)
  • John’s advice for entrepreneurs who are focusing more of their time on fulfillment than sales. (20:09)
  • A framework for the daily activities we can do to increase our sales. (25:35)
  • John’s strategies for eliminating objections and closing a sale. (46:00)
  • Why some of the most successful people are the ones that “fail fast”. (54:19)

Mentioned in the episode:

This week’s sponsor:

A big thanks to Growth Ninja – this episode’s sponsor. Are you looking for a reliable and hands-off way to scale your company’s revenue? Growth Ninja is an industry proven Facebook ad service that can explode your sales funnel. Growth Ninja’s founder, Vincent, was actually on an episode of this podcast a while back. You can check it out here.

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Published on 05.25.17
  • Hi guys, one of your best and most useful episodes, yet! Great work!

    Problem though: you’ve linked to the transcript from the last episode.

  • Jane Beresford

    Hi Dominik, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours to get the transcript for a show posted but we try to do it as quickly as possible. Should be there soon.

  • Have a look at the transcript link above please. You are currently linking to the wrong transcript from episode 389.

  • cheers Dominik glad you enjoyed it, the link will be updated shortly the completed transcript isn’t done yet.

  • Hot damn you guys brought the fire. My guess is this episode will be shared far-and-wide. I think it’s going to go down in history as one of those “ultimate resource” episodes, and I’ll sure be sending it to a lot of friends who ask me “what’s this entrepreneurship thing all about”, alongside the Ten True Clients episode, and Startup School.

  • Top episode, like the old school days. I actually used to sell productized funnels before I turned that biz into an affiliate site and sold it for more money than I made selling funnels. To me there needs to be a purpose to starting a services company (i.e. Use it to learn a skill or bank $X as fast as possible and then retire) otherwise you may as well just use what you’re selling to build and sell your own sites. Other than WPcurve, have there been any other (productized) services companies that have become assets that could and have been sold?

  • Phatphuck

    Looks like he ate all his profits.

  • Drop the mic! Pick up the phone! Already listened twice. Probably will listen to this 3 more time! Thanks guys, this was really helpful in learning about a process that a small team can handle. My work has been through referrals but now I want to get a sales flow going. A question I was having is what to aim for regarding # of potential leads and actions to setup? John lays out a framework that sounds doable and sounds like a great approach. Thanks again guys!

  • Hey Richard – so are you suggesting that even productized services are by and large just services at the end of the day and that you recommend building and selling our own affiliate/lead gen sites?

  • Hi Joe, for me it comes down to goals, if you’re looking to generate the most cash up front a productized service can achieve that better than most other types of online biz. I think it’s still too early to know whether they are actually assets that can be sold however, WP curve was possibly an anomaly and I haven’t heard of any brokers selling productized services yet.

  • Great episode. I especially like John’s role play between
    buyer and sell and the proposal bits. I will certainly listen to it again and
    check John’s podcast.

  • Non stop value bombs!! John is da man and so stoked he’ll be at DC Austin. This is a must listen for any business owner.

    Hoping he’ll be doing another workshop soon – missed the latest one and have my fingers crossed he’ll be doing another soon! Perhaps back to back with DCBKK?

  • Steve

    Hi guys. Great work. In general, I found this episode to be very interesting.

    the question I wanted you to ask John was what if you aren’t selling
    services, but are instead selling products, such as AMZ FBA?

    of the things that John talks about really aren’t applicable to us FBA
    sellers. For example, we’re not going to set one meeting everyday with a
    client to sell a $30 client. What would John’s 4 steps be for us?

    Thanks. And great show.

  • Paul Bleisch

    Took me a while to get through this episode. I kept going back 15-30 seconds to listen to something again.

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