TMBA 364: Sometimes the Best Business Idea is the Most Obvious

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Back in 2012, Dan and Ian hosted a two week seminar in the Philippines. It was attended by 44 listeners of this show – and Sarah Kornblet was one of them. Since attending that workshop, Sarah has set up a successful business as an attorney for online entrepreneurs.

This week’s episode is really the story of what has happened in Sarah’s life since 2012. It is also the trajectory of an idea, because every business starts with one (or more).

But .. sometimes we aren’t ready for those ideas, or those ideas aren’t ready for us.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Sarah first discovered this podcast. (3:15)
  • Why Sarah’s first idea for a business was ultimately unsuccessful. (11:30)
  • What made Sarah realize that she should be pivoting back to the legal space. (15:29)
  • The challenges of turning your expertise into something that people can buy. (28:00)
  • How Sarah has found unique ways to market her services. (34:00)

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 11.24.16
  • Great episode. As someone who started a productized service business recently (website migration to HTTPS for SEO + user security benefits), Sarah’s insight that referrals are her main customer source was gold.

    In the early stage for these type of businesses (when your brand is not well known and the product has a > $100 price point), it’s a lot more likely for people to hit the “Buy Now” button if they are a warm lead.

    I’m now focusing on growing an initial customer base by offering friends/family/acquaintances/business contacts the service at a heavily discounted or free rate, with the aim of getting my first paid sale via a referral.

  • Patrick is a great idea. Definitely a problem for many people.

    I decided to take the Instagram as a service idea and work on that. I have a few pieces of software running my own accounts, one I built so it made sense.
    Would be great to be in touch as we both grow these.

  • Sarah Kornblet

    That’s a great way to go about it @ben_gelsey:disqus for sure! When I was starting out friends/family/etc. definitely go my service at a cheaper price and then provided great testimonials and referrals. Good luck!!

  • Steve Harton

    Terrific episode. It was great to hear that a lawyer can actually create a productized legal service business. Sarah, your website is an inspiration for us lawyers. Thanks for showing us how its done. And thanks Dan and Ian for bringing her to our attention.

  • cheers thanks Steve, glad to hear you dug it.

  • yo congrats! :) good luck

  • yeah! let us know how it goes

  • Sarah Kornblet

    Thanks so much @steve_harton:disqus – that means a lot coming from another lawyer. It’s not an easy road but come on and join the fun :)

  • Sarah Kornblet

    Definitely – instagram as a service is a great idea, keep it up!

  • Andrés Yuyo Berte

    Hey Patrick, can you share a link of your service?

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