TMBA 264: The Artisan's Approach to Podcasting

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This week, we’re going to talk all about how to find your unique voice in the marketplace, and how to build an entertaining and informative show that can help you generate a location-independent income. Damien Ruse from is doing just that. He is a coach, a cyclist and a podcast host that has been producing his show for two years, and is currently making a full-time income off of it. If you are interested at all in podcasting, blogging or making a living from your own art, this episode is for you.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Damian decided to become a podcaster.
  • What his show sounds like, and how he structures each episode.
  • The trial and error that went into selecting his niche.
  • What kind of a skill set is required to create a podcast.
  • How Damian transitioned to monetizing the content of his show.
  • Why people should be thinking harder about whether they should start a podcast.

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Dan & Ian

Published on 10.02.14
  • I’m a big fan of what you’re doing, Damian.

    You are a great example of what you can achieve by focusing on solving the pain points a small niche has. Someone might be an amazing programmer or designer, but it would be difficult for them to build a great software product for the cycling industry since they don’t haver your insights.

    Also, the quality of your podcast is amazing. This made me realize how much room there is for improvement with

  • Thanks David.

    Going deep in one niche has it’s advantages. I’m yet to fully explore all of them – software is a great example though. It involves a lot of very specific information in order to add value to the end user. Personally, software poses an interesting challenge, something I am looking forward to.

  • Like Damian, I’ve switched off most of the podcasts about podcasting about getting rich quick and Internet Marketing. It’s becoming an amateur’s medium and an echo chamber. I find I have to listen to 2-3 hours of podcasts about these topics to hear something original or useful. To repeat a sentiment Dan has shared a couple of times, if you are thinking about becoming a podcast/blogger in the Internet Marketing space, just don’t.

  • Excited to see where you take the show David

  • haha :) the people who seem to have the most success with it tend to have a highly legible track record

  • LOVE it mate! Re-focusing the Linchpin (soon to be rebranded) podcast on deep diving on Sales Development, my true passion AND how I am building the biz. I have never cycled seriously in my life, but dig your stuff. :)

  • First come the innovators, then come the imitators, and then the idiots!

  • rock sauce man can’t wait to hear it !

  • ha!

  • Yeah final stages of hustle to get rebrand online prior to #DCBKK Big stuff happening, catch you up next week :)

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