TMBA 193 (TTR35) – SEOh No! – Sabotage SEO (What to Do About it) and the Impact of Penguin Updates

TMBA 193 (TTR35) – SEOh No! – Sabotage SEO (What to Do About it) and the Impact of Penguin Updates post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published Friday afternoons (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. This week Dan and Ian bring on Travis Jamison, the SEO expert behind Supremacy SEO.  The fellas are chatting about what happens if your site gets hammered with negative or spammy SEO and penalized by Google.  Tune in to figure out what you should do next.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • When you should file a reconsideration request with Google and when you shouldn’t.
  • How 99% of Google’s penalties are algorithmic penalties, not manual penalties.
  • The first thing you should do after your site has received spam links.
  • Why linking to your homepage isn’t a good idea; and what you should do instead.

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Published on 06.07.13
  • Quality anchor text usage here boys.

  • Dan

    That’s between you and Mr. Krueger :D

  • Matthew Newton

    Nice interview.

    Question @Travis_Jamison:disqus

    You talked about doing a 301 redirect within a website to shake a penalty, mentioning how you would ‘do it right’ and it could work. How does one do it right?

    ps. love yo faces! Nice interview

  • Matthew Newton

    I said nice interview TWICE

  • Matthew Newton

    OHHHH I got mentioned, where’s my link biiitch

  • You guys really got into a giggle mode there.

    Cool to hear your current thoughts on SEO tactics. For myself I want to go more content orientated with less reliance on backlinks.

    All though i can see the need to get top 1 or two slots..

  • Dan

    :D cheers Steve, we are more content oriented for the most part as well, although these types of tactics still have an important impact on our biz

  • Dan

    We can arrange for that!!! :) What are the specs?

  • Matthew Newton

    hehe all good. But thanks for the mention, was a nice surprise.

  • Dan

    Here’s Travis’ reply, maybe was too long for him to post:

    Good Question, Doing it right:

    On the new fresh page that you will be sending the 301 to you need to “buffer it”. I use my “foundation package” on it, which you can do yourself if you want.

    There are two main points when buffering the page:

    1. To get links that focus on trust factors, or “trust rank”. I don’t care about the actual PR of the page with this. I don’t care about dofollow or nofollow. The entire point of this is to show google that the page has a lot of “trust” which will raise the true domain authority (not just the silly Moz-metric)

    2. All of the links that you build will NOT have any main keywords. They will almost all be generic, branding and naked url links.

    Here is a list that I use (instructions on the bottom on how to use it)














    Check us out

    Please Visit Our Site

    Visit our site

    Please check us out here

    Our Webiste

    click here to learn more

    come visit us!

    Our Site

    Our Website

    Come visit us to learn more about KEYWORD

    learn KEYWORD information at WEBSITE.COM

    Visit us at WEBSITE.COM to learn KEYWORD information

    Visit our page at WEBSITE.COM today

    We offer the best KEYWORD info here

    Learn more at WEBSITE.COM

    Read Our Blog

    Here we are


    Visit US

    Interested in KEYWORD? Learn more at WEBSITE.COM

    A website about KEYWORD

    Our website about KEYWORD

    Wanting Keyword info? Visit Us

    Learn more info on Keyword here

    We at BRAND take pride in our work

    BRAND: Best KEYWORD info on the web

    We are BRAND, your KEYWORD specialists.

    I then go to

    I replace “BRAND” with my brand (Supremacy SEO)

    I replace “WEBSITE.COM” with my url (

    I replace “KEYWORD” with my kw (internet dominator)

    Building them up like this is like a penguin proof for your site as far as I’m concerned. When doing the 301 after the page has a MUCH higher chance of not getting the penalty passed since it has established trust now.

    A lot of times when the penalties pass it’s because the exact same big problem factors are on the new page as were on the old. When creating the buffer links you help solve this problem.

  • Very interesting guys. It is also easy to listen to yous, you are funny.

  • maryampepsi

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