TMBA 109 (LBP99) – Do You Know If You Are A Shooting Star?

TMBA 109 (LBP99) – Do You Know If You Are A Shooting Star? post image

Less than 72 hours after we launched The Tropical MBA program exclusively to members of Dynamite Circle and then our pre-sale listeners, we have already SOLD OUT these first two sessions. Thanks so much – blown away, humbled, and excited as hell barely begin to scrape the surface of how we feel about that!

This week Dan & Ian get a little Starsky & Hutch, bringing 70’s yacht rock back in style with Bad Company’s “Shooting Star” as they look at what makes a person or business so successful you watch them burst across the sky like a shooting star, lighting up the night.

Do You Know If You Are A Shooting Star?

Understanding the shooting star mindset will help you fly through the stratosphere and beyond in your business success. People are often their own worst enemies in their trajectories. Why do some people succeed fast and others struggle for decades?

They fail to:

  • Pay Extraordinary Care To Their Craft – Don’t teach others to be the best copywriter in the world…work at becoming the best copywriter in the world
  • Cultivate A Healthy Ego – That doesn’t mean you should carry around an obese obsession with your awesomeness. You shouldn’t be jealous of the success of others, you should enjoy seeing the success of others!
  • Ice Pick Integrity – Act in accordance with your ideals, not your immediate feelings
  • Self-Effacing Delivery Of Value To Others – Willing to do whatever it takes to show your worth
  • Play Long Ball – Don’t focus on the small emotional wins – be in it to take the game


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Episode length: 28:51


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Published on 04.19.12
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  • Dan

    Anything you had a problem with? Would be curious. Also, please do your 100% own due diligence as well. We are just sharing our experience here…

  • Great points in this episode. The only way to do your best work is to actually care about your products and your clients (even if you’re working for someone else). One of the most important things I’ve learned in my 1.5 years since graduating college is that to be an entrepreneur you have to think like an entrepreneur. That means thinking about your own value not in terms of how much money you make, but how much value you provide to your clients. I sometimes like to pretend that I’m a freelancer (even though I’m an employee) because it helps me assess my value more clearly. Employees can slack off and do the minimum required of them and still get paid every two weeks. Freelancers don’t necessarily have that luxury – they live and die based on results. Putting myself in this mindset motivates me to create quality work.

  • Dan

    Hey Frank cheers, actually I love your Freelancer / Employee mindset hack, that’s a great idea!! I think I’m gonna steal it. :D :D 

  • I was thinking something like Miracle-Grow for plants, not the traditional horse manure! =) Either way, happy to share the laugh.

    Great episode as usual.

    I agree 110% about actually CARING about one’s own skills. It’s a very Gary Vaynerchuck mindset – one of the easiest ways to differentiate oneself from the competition is to actually give a crap, and not just focus on cash.

    Cheers guys!

  • Dan

    haha, thanks Mike! cheers Ian and I both love Gary’s V’s message as well. GIVE A SHIT buddy! Also, use it to grow plants. Well rounded material! 

  • Wow, I could’ve used this podcast a few weeks ago as I broke the last rule and have been working with assholes and not only is it an energy drain, it ALWAYS ends badly.

    Lesson re-learnt!

    Great ep boys, loved it.

  • Dan

    Thanks Damian! I am continuing to break this rule as well. Tough one, trying to talk myself out of it! :D

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