TMBA 128 (TTR15) – Is Starting a Personal Blog Hazardous to Your Entrepreneurial Health?

TMBA 128 (TTR15) – Is Starting a Personal Blog Hazardous to Your Entrepreneurial Health? post image

Happy Friday afternoon! We are back with our weekend podcast with the hopes of giving you a little fuel for your projects over the next few days.

Today I discuss with the CEOh-yeah and issue we’ve brought up a few times before. One of the biggest questions we get asked is: should I start a personal blog for networking purposes? 

I don’t think these are benign decisions and I take this question very seriously. When you are just getting started and need to find strategic levers to get as much energy channeled into your business as possible, and your decision on when and how to blog or otherwise put content onto the interwebs can have a big impact on your future.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • When it comes to blogging, why focusing your energy on premise generation is the best way to succeed.
  • The reason why certain types of personal blogs actually hurt your chances to success.
  • Hear about some ways to approach business blogging that can jump-start your entrepreneurial career.
  • Why blogging for networking is often overrated.

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Published on 07.27.12
  • Dan


    Agreed re the pre-sell. Gotta talk more about how precisely this goes down, not enough ppl. do it. Congrats and well done!

  • Alright, I’m gonna jump in on this 7 months later and be the only one that doesn’t totally agree with everything you’re saying… so here goes.

    I think there is merit in starting a blog, depending on what you’re doing with it, even if it costs you a little bit in the end. It’s kindof like spending money on marketing… you don’t know what the result is going to be until you test… so you test and adapt until you have a working formula.

    So, as a beginning entrepreneur who is totally guilty of everything you’re talking about here, I would say that building my blog (even if totally unprofitable in the end) is helping me learn other skills that are essential to being an entrepreneur, that can’t be measured in dollars and cents (like figuring out how to actually say what you think, learning to take a firm stand, the art of the ‘work around’, figuring out what gets people to tick, etc). And, it gives me a great platform to test and adapt…. even if I throw it away in the end.

    Maybe I could spend my time building up a profitable business instead of blogging… but the flip-side is that when I started blogging I didn’t have a direction. I didn’t really know anything about entrepreneurship, and I didn’t even realize there was anything ‘there’ to be learned. And, I didn’t understand how to go figure it out.

    So, I started a blog and got all of the garbage thoughts floating around in my head out on (e)paper and that opened up a whole new world of exploration. So, in my mind, had I not started my blog I’d still be stuck back at the beginning – wishing there was something I could do and not knowing that ‘what I could do’ was go out and start a profitable business.

    Fast forward, and now I understand all of these things. So which is it, the chicken or the egg? If you don’t know what you don’t know, then how do you know what you should know?…. say that three times fast.

  • Dan

    Hey Missy- sounds like you’ve got the mind of an entrepreneur– which is to build things, learn, and improve along the way. Given that, there’s no question starting your blog will bring you closer to your goal.

    Now, however, if we were sitting around at a cafe 7 months ago and you said, “i want to be an entrepreneur, should I A) write a blog post for a personal blog everyday or B) write (or copy, like a sales letter everyday, which habit would more likely lead to a business within the next year?

    The answer to me is obvious: it doesn’t mean that the former won’t work!!! :D

  • Andrea

    Thanks for linking to Mixergy!

  • Dan

    of course ! :)

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