TMBA 373: Should You Base Yourself in Southern Europe?

TMBA373: Should You Base Yourself in Southern Europe? post image

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This episode is part of a series in which Dan and Ian attempt to answer one of the fundamental questions that many location-independent entrepreneurs eventually ask themselves: If I can live anywhere, where should that be?

On this week’s show, they will be focusing on two countries in Southern Europe: Spain and Portugal.

To learn a bit more about Portugal, Dan reached out to Dr. Shannon Weeks, a Natropathic Doctor and Applied Kinesiologist, to share his experience about establishing residency in Portugal and his home city of Lisbon.

You’ll also hear a little bit of Dan’s own personal story, as both he and his girlfriend have recently established residency in Spain.

Listen in as Shannon and Dan give their perspectives on visas, taxes, culture and more.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Shannon and his wife decided to settle in Portugal. (2:55)
  • What the entrepreneurial scene is like in Lisbon. (5:56)
  • How Barcelona changed Dan’s opinion of Europe. (10:37)
  • Shannon’s experience establishing residency in Portugal. (18:17)
  • Dan’s advice for people who are looking to establish Spanish residency. (25:05)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 01.26.17
  • Evan Humes

    (for Americans) to add to the FBI report mentioned at 19:30, if you go through an “approved channeler” it won’t take 12-16 weeks to process, but more like one week after your fingerprints are mailed in. I’ve used “” to do this, and it’s about $35.

  • cheers Evan thank you

  • Evan Humes

    No problem. I’ll try not to get too excited about things & comment right away now… gotta work on that, haha

  • Great episode and series, I’m bullish on slovakia (marrying a slovak helped) – there’s a city in the high tatras mountain range called Poprad which I think could become the Boulder of Europe in terms of quality of life but with 1/4 the cost (for now, the economy is booming). Strong coffee scene, decent wifi, great skiing and hiking. Kevin K visited last summer and had a blast. Cheers!

  • Carl

    I am Northern European and have been thinking of setting up base in either Spain or Portugal for a while so the topic interest me a lot. But unfortunately this episode is 80% about the visa and the legal hassle of it all (which doesn’t apply to me and many other EU citizens), and not a whole lot about the lifestyle, culture & entrepreneurial/startup climate of Spain/Portugal. I hope future episodes go more in depth on this. Thanks.

  • Chris Reynolds

    NICE!!! Looking forward to this episode!

  • Something that Dan touched on here is what I really enjoy about the region – the local laid back approach to life and high value of time away from work – perfectly compliments the lifestyle of someone with a location independent business.

    In the “non-stop hustle” world, it’s easy to feel guilty when taking time away from your projects, but we all know we need time to recharge. When I want to take a morning off to walk to a cafe and drink too much coffee and read a book, I’m surrounded by locals doing the same. It’s all good!

  • Nick

    Good stuff. Looking forward to the rest of the pods. Know you’re focusing on Europe, but Puerto Rico has interesting things going on with 4% corporate tax rates and no personal income tax on investments. Not sure how long it’ll last with PR’s dire financial position, but could be an interesting topic for a future pod or blog. JLD seems to be taking full advantage of the situation at the moment.

  • thewinevagabond

    Cheers, this was a life changing podcast for us. I am irish, but my gf is american and we were looking at some of the hoops to get proper long term access in barcelona for her. But my gf also has an ecuadorian passport, and until you mentioned it,we hadn’t realised 2 year citizenship was a possibility for her (not alot on this online in english it seems!). We are now looking to get her over on the entrpereneur visa starting 2018. A great couple of days figuring it all out.

  • Lived in Madrid years ago. The expression is,

    “Work to live, not live to work”

  • Dan.. what kind of tax liability will you face in Spain?

  • Freddy Lansky

    Moving around every 3 months a part time job? More like full time. Perfectly normal to want to settle after a few years. There is really diminishing returns in moving around a couple months, it gets less exciting and more annoying and you really just want to find a place that “fits”

  • Another great show! I should move to Barcelona :-)
    Joking aside, if I ever have to leave here Lisbon is my next destination.

  • secret agent

    I vote for Portugal! So much going on there this year:

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