TMBA 149 (TTR21) – Spotlight Marketing (+ Have We Found the Community Marketer’s Secret Weapon?)

TMBA 149 (TTR21) – Spotlight Marketing (+ Have We Found the Community Marketer’s Secret Weapon?) post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published every Friday afternoon (Asia time). Here’s the link to subscribe in Itunes if you haven’t already done so. In this week’s episode I respond to a few reader emails I received this week.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • The #1 SEO strategy that always works.
  • The best choice for online communities.
  • How to start from square one with a product idea and make it a reality (examples included).
  • Why you don’t need a social media presence until you have a clear value proposition.
  • Is your blog a winner, loser, passion project, or all of the above?
  • Spotlight Marketing – why you need exactly 1 central hub on the web.

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Published on 11.16.12
  • Jenny Samuels

    Hey Dan, thanks for the advice. We will be sure to follow as best we can and have already drafted a list of problem solving questions to blog about. 5 star review headed your way!

  • Another reason to do Spotlight marketing (or Personal branding) is because of new Google’s Author Rank.. when it starts showing in search results constantly powerful personal brand will be best SEO.

  • “I think we’re going to launch TropicalMBA university on Ning… I’ll talk about that in a bit.”

    Argh, what a tease! :-p

  • No Ning ! They should allow me to design and build an excellent WordPress member site/community for them lol

  • Dean Ravenscroft

    Great stuff Dan. Plenty of food for thought. Maybe a bottle of Turkish wine will hope me think things through a little more.

  • Dan

    ah yeah, I meant to talk about some of the downsides of putting out content via Ning but forgot about it while trying to think on my feet. I’ll get to TMBA shortly! Still figuring out what it is, happy to hear your insights :D

  • Dan

    ha! :D

  • Dan

    Yes, in fact I should have mentioned that. This podcast sounds a lot better on wine.

  • Dan

    Yes! +1

  • Dan

    THANKS Jenny. Good luck and feel free to get back with me when you take the next step.

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