TMBA 100 (LBP90) – Rip, Pivot, and Jam: The Strategy That Launched Our Newest Product Line

TMBA 100 (LBP90) – Rip, Pivot, and Jam: The Strategy That Launched Our Newest Product Line post image

Ian managed to pick himself up from a nasty spin-out on the racetrack this week to join Dan as they reveal their most recent product launch and discuss the strategy that they used to find the niche and then dominate it.

Additionally, with listener questions pouring in they take the time to chat about some real problems people have experienced and how they might be able to get back on track.

Listen to this episode and learn about:

  • Picking up some contract work to bankroll savings and pay down debt – is it a good path to entrepreneurship?
  • Avoiding self-sabotage, inaction, and disbelief while building your lifestyle business.
  • How to use online email marketing services and which are best for some slightly shady deals

Also in this episode, Dan and Ian disclose for the FIRST time on Lifestyle Business Podcast one of their product businesses: Portable Bar Company.

Using the Rip, Pivot, and Jam method they were able to find a niche, apply known business practices, and rock out a successful product line.

  • Rip – Identify if others in the niche are making money from it
  • Pivot – Bring it to a new market / new approach
  • Jam – Crash the boards with 100% energy

This is also how they have built the private blog network that will be available for a limited number of subscribers starting next week (email Dan for more information and pricing)


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

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Episode length: 33:17


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Published on 02.09.12
  • Guys, I think you should hook up with Jerry Piscitelli from and throw a one heck of a outdoor party (while promoting your products, of course)! :D 

    One question: I see that you’re also shipping to Finland and the shopping cart didn’t add any additional shipping costs. How is this possible? I mean.. it is a rather big delivery, right? :D


  • LOVE the rip, pivot, jam model. Very useful. I’ve done something similar but not quite as effective or awesome. I’m so ripping that.

  • Great advice as always guys! I like the bar company site, will definitely be trying out shopify in the near future.

    Keep up the awesome work! Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Great show guys, love the model and love any product that supports the drinking of beer. 

  • Great show! I only started listening last week and have been playing catch up. How do I get the “Sniff” tool talked about at 7mins in? Is there a link from one of the previous shows?

    Any help you could provide would be awesome, thanks!

  • Dan

    Hey Cole, thanks for listening! I stole this directly from @DavidCrandall:disqus  so please be sure to thank him!!!

    Remember when Dan & Ian made their list of things they’d “never” do? One of their “never do this” was searching competitors’ sites for any files they have laying around their domain. Customer lists, project plans, ebooks they are charging for elsewhere…that kind of thing. Since they would never do that, they would also never want to use this bookmarklet either. Clicking on it while on a site opens a new tab and Googles the entire domain (regardless of how deep you were into the site) for any of the following file types:PDF
    ZIPI would also “never” do this and would never have a few HUNDRED megabytes of files from doing this. Nope, no sir. Never. Which means I didn’t rush right out and create this bookmarklet code or that I now use it multiple times a day every single day whenever I visit a new site (make sure to remove any line breaks that the forum might add):javascript:var domain=location.href.replace(/^.+:///,”);domain=domain.replace(//.*$/,”);domain=domain.replace(/^.*.(?=.+.)/,”);‘’+domain+’+filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc OR filetype:txt OR filetype:xls OR filetype:mp3 OR filetype:zip’); INSTRUCTIONS: I wish I could figure out how to just make this a draggable link, but alas…I could not; javascript does not like to play nice with HTML in forums. To use this code, right-click on your bookmark bar and select “Add page”. Give it a title (mine is called File Search) and paste all of the the above code in italics in the URL section. Then visit a site and give it a try…or rather don’t. Nope, you shouldn’t do that at all. [Let me know if this is helpful to anyone. I have a bunch more of these kinds of things if you like them.]

  • Dan

    Agreed. This is all about making the world a better place, afterall. 

  • Dan

    Thanks Brandon appreciate that! 

  • Dan

    Word! I’ll get back to your email inquiry shortly !!!

  • Dan

    Juha, thanks a lot for this comment. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start talking about our products… you’ve already helped us to improve our biz. Cheers for that!!! We are going to put a phone call for foreign deliveries rather than quote a price. 

  • Ouch that had to hurt a little!?? Well at least he was really low :-) 

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys,

    Another great episode!  I loved the “Wow…these guys are normal dudes” comment!  It’s funny how “regular” some of the people that are doing cool stuff turn out to be.  Totally agree that reaching out a bit will show you these types of things can be done by “the rest of us” hehe

    You mentioned potentially using “Constant Contact” to email a bunch of uncontacted customers of a competitor.  I totally agree with split testing a few to see what seems to work the best (I might also ask around in the DC for some advice there)  I just wanted to add I know a really shady girl that has servers around the world to send out emails for exactly this type of thing.  If you’d like, you can have that guy email Joe and I and Joe can put him in contact with her.  She charges a fee, but I still think it might potentially be worth it, heh.  Keeps you off the Constant Contact radar too…further separation.

    Love the idea of selling links on your blog network…that’s cool…but could you sell the networks themselves?  I don’t want to learn the process of creating a blog network, but would LOVE to have my own!  I’ve heard a ton of other people asking about this as well.  I know it would be pricey, (10-20K maybe?) but that would be something we’d be interested in.  Maybe someone could put that together in 3 different sizes/packages?

  • Dan

    10K!!!! I”m going to try and work out some “buy now’ with 3-4 week delivery timeframes. 

    Appreciate your email offer there….I’ll write to the guy and let him know about your comment. Really appreciate it. 

  • Dan

    FYI All I posted the sniffer text in the post. 

  • Hi Guys! Love your podcast!

    I just tried that sniffer applet, exactly as you described and nada..I named the page “file search”, then posted the code in the url, then when I was on a page I wanted to search, I clicked on the bookmark..nothing happened. Am I missing a step? 


  • Dan

    had a little trouble getting all the text required in to the post, i just posted a document under “file search” see if that works! Thanks.

  • Justin Miramontes

    Rip it! Rip it good! Have you read the book Ready, Fire, Aim by chance? He’s got a great “rip it” story in there.

  • Dan

    I have not. Is it worth a read or just if I come across it? ??

  • Justin Miramontes

    Absolutely worth the read. I actually think you and Ian especially would love it.

  • Ian

    Thanks Justin, I’ll check it out.

  • I still did not understand how to install and use the sniffer tool.  I use firefox and there is no “add page” under the Bookmarks tab???  What am i doing wrong?

  • Dan

    perhaps try adding a bookmark? that’s probably a similar operation. You can get your feet wet real quick by trying it out in Chrome. Wait, why aren’t you using Chrome!?!?! :D 

  • the sniffer tool rocks!! Who would have thought that a certain keyword research company company charging $47 for an ebook would make it publicly available on their site.  

  • Dan

    haha, keep hearing results like this. suppose its a technological chaffe for a lot of companies to put security around their products. 

  • Such an awesome wording of this strategy, guys!  I ended up spouting it all at a friend about an hour after I listened, and I was getting ideas as I regurgitated your simple explanation.  Great podcast, guys!

  • Dan

    AWESOME that pumps me up Jim. Appreciate you sharing that. I very often use podcaster’s words or bloggers writing to help articulate my thoughts, and it’s cool to know we can do the same for others. Thanks! 

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  • Snowman

    Super Good Stuff. I am a High Voltage Lineman and this podcast hit me rite between the eyes. No longer am I going to try to come up with a Novel Idea. RIP RIP RIP!!!!!

    Thx Guys You have a new follower.

  • wow thanks so much ! Glad you are digging the show.

  • seba112

    Dan Dan Dan….If you are in Sex Market ? 16:11 :))

  • haha nice catch!

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