TMBA 179 (TTR32) – Subtle Social Media Tactics That Could Change How You Generate Leads

TMBA 179 (TTR32) – Subtle Social Media Tactics That Could Change How You Generate Leads post image

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published every Friday afternoon (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in iTunes if you haven’t already done so. This week follows up from last week’s podcast where James and Dan laid the groundwork for a strategy that would require about 10,000 unique visitors a month to get a successful blog-based business off the ground. To follow up on that topic, Dan invited Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads on the show to talk traffic and engagement.

Over the last few years she’s built a passionate following and traffic over 4 times that 10,000 visitor baseline. They discuss some of the social media strategies– in particular Twitter and Facebook– that helped her drive big numbers and a unique level of engagement. Although she promotes a personal brand, there’s a bunch of lessons to be learned for brands and boostrapping entrepreneurs alike.

Jodi’s Social Media Recommendations

1) Twitter

  • Think of Twitter as the place to infuse your brand with personality.
  • Follow the people who provide you with content you crave and use lists to keep track of the rest.
  • Keep track of what works using links and services like Tweriod or SocialBro to figure out the best time to tweet based on your followers’ locations.
  • 5-10 tweets a day is the sweet spot, not including ongoing conversations.
  • Tweetdeck or Buffer are helpful for scheduling tweets.
  • Use “via @____” intsead of RT “@_____” and add your own editorial.
  • Limit hashtags to events and other special occasions.

2) Facebook:Jodi

  • Use the subscribe function for personality-based businesses to drive traffic using your own profile. This enables certain links or albums to be available to public subscribers.
  • Fan pages still serve a purpose for gathering readers and coordinating events but with Facebook’s upcoming changes to their news feed, they will be less prominent.

3) Content Curation

  • – Sends you a daily email based on your twitter feed’s contents.
  • – iPhone app and website culls the best from your networks.
  • – Perhaps the new Google Reader.

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Published on 03.29.13
  • Jodi is lovely. I had the pleasure to talk to her during a mastermind call on the DC and she’s inspiring.

  • asialuv

    no comment. no connection.

  • Dan


    I think she’s really onto something in terms of authenticity in marketing– if more businesses can take her approach to marketing they could see big wins. It takes strong leaders and a ‘leap of faith’ and I think that’s what holds so many business owners back from this type of marketing.

  • Good stuff guys. Dan I’m with you on the FB thing except I do really like Facebook I just don’t get it. I’ve got my own updates, my page etc, sometimes it tells me I’m posting as ‘Informly’ there’s the subscribe thing. I have no idea WTF to do on there.

    I’m pretty sure asking everyone to friend you is introducing massive friction and I don’t want to accept every friend request but having page seems to mean no one sees your updates and you generally have to physically go there to share stuff on a page (all the posting I do from apps etc just goes to my account).

    Too fken hard.

  • Dan

    The approach Jodi suggested to me and that is working well is to add “subscribe” function to your real profile and just let non-friends follow your updates. Anyone who asks to be a friend who you deny becomes a subscriber. FB users seem to be getting used to this subscribe function and I’ve found better results with 100 subscribers than with 1000 fans. So anyway, have the fan pages but just forget about them once you get people moved over to FB.

  • Sweet I’m going to try this. Is this something different I’m tempted to just make it all public.

  • Great ep mate, great to hear from all these different DCers every week!


    PS. You’re welcome for the BufferApp reco :)

  • Love Have used it with a number of clients to help them better understand the Twitter landscape and to connect with like-minded folks. And amen to Twitter list usage. It’s the most under-utilized part of Twitter! Also, Buffer is incredible, and so is IFTTT.

  • Dan

    YES TO ALL! :)

  • Dan

    Cheers yeah thanks so much for that! Ya know Jodi told me that attribution is the currency of the web, sure as hell has a hell of a half-life though

  • Dan

    that’s exactly it. You can change settings for each content update and for each bio + album data as well. I dig this features makes way more intuitive sense to me and increases the relevance of FB IMO. if followers want to follow personal style updates, they can grab the feed from FB and so on. I’d love to hear your personal updates and see photos etc but in order for me to see your stuff you shouldn’t have to be friends with me… that’s what made FB suck int he past, taht’s what fan pages didn’t solve (imo because THEY ARE A SCAM :) and this seems to address the issue in a reasonable way ++ seems to be catching on with users.

  • Matthew Riley

    Great cast. I gained a lot of valuable information.

  • I’m a huge fan of Twitter lists, it totally helps to not have to follow a million people, I have a DC list, Politics, Sports, etc.

  • Firstly, Jodi, kudos for your great work and results on social media :) I loved hearing your thoughts….

    Ok time for me to speak up again. CALLS TO ACTION ON SOCIAL MEDIA WORK!

    If your target audience is jaded social media types you may encounter rebellion to a CTA. But for everyone else… (ok so it’s a year or so old now, but you see my point)

    Calls to action generally work better than no call to action. For example… “Pinterest, yesterday evening I posted a free gift and afterwards put, “If you Like it, please Pin it!” and it’s been pinned almost 200 times in less than 24 hours, 84 comments, tons of shares on FB, etc etc…It looks like the call to action worked!”

    This business owner has viral pins on Pinterest without CTAs but by adding CTAs she’s really blowing things up.

    Now, maybe would have customers on Twitter, but most of mine are on FB these days and twitter doesn’t even rank in my top 10, despite countless hours crafting helpful content, buffer, Tweet adder etc.Of course I am keeping a presence there, but FB is getting more traffic to me. HOW? I don’t know. I have very low engagement and like on my business page, but I guess people are liking my posts at my website and people coming through there.

    Once FB sent me 100 new email subscribers overnight to this post (, my average is 1 or 2 a day. But could I find out how or why? Not a chance. GA/FB is not very helpful there.

    I guess this is an instance when I won’t be taking coaching from a mentor ;P #yeahbuddy

    I just wish you could hear me arguing while cooking tea last night!

  • Dan

    Cheers thanks Matt.

  • Hey Melissa, thanks for the comment. I never said that calls to action don’t ever work – I said that they don’t work for building out an engaged community that cares about your brand.

    Plus, I find them quite spammy. I’m not jaded, but I “like” content that is valuable and has integrity, not because someone told me to.

    Sure, you can likebait on Facebook and receive engagement for it, but I’m not sold on the idea that those people will stay put and care about your brand because of it. I’d rather quality engagement from a loyal but smaller group than hordes of people liking a post merely because I asked them to – not because they found value in that post. There are certainly calls to action that don’t come off as spammy as “if you like it, pin it” or “”like” this if you agree with X”, but those will be effective when based upon an existing communication node with your community. YMMV. You won’t find me straight up likebaiting, however :)

  • They’re great, it’s true! And I enjoy, too, having the ability to make some private and then load them up as a Tweetdeck column so I can follow. Helpful for destination-specific news or when there’s a big political issue somewhere. Honed-in on topics you care about, Twitter’s an even more powerful tool. Thanks for the email, too!

  • Thanks Matt!

  • FindInfluence is great as a similar tool. Agreed that IFFTT is uber-powerful – and plus there’s all sorts of great recipes out there – I like sorting through the most popular as determined by IFFTT for new ideas – (Plus, sometimes, fun zombie recipes show up.)

  • So I’m not as anti-FB as Mr. Dan, and I do happen to love my fan page as it’s a great way to meet with readers and share photos without annoying my friends, but as Facebook changes their edgerank to benefit the brands that pay for exposure, then the Facebook Pages will be less and less effective.

    The subscribe function is great, as Dan noted, for people who get tons of friend requests and want somewhere to ‘house’ them without offending those who add you. Developed for journos initially, it was a way for FB to allow personalized messaging without eating into the news brand – so a Reuters journo could post to people who followed him, separate from Reuters itself.

    It’ll take a bit of legwork from the outset – getting your albums public that you want public, making new albums for sharing with subscribers, etc. And then use an IFFTT recipe to auto-populate those albums if you want to cut out on posting time. But quite effective in the long run.

    As Pages wane, I suspect more people will be switching to subscribe. I’ve stuck with my page at the moment as it’s worked for me and I like the separation, but it’s a great option if glomming your “identities ” together isn’t an issue ;)

  • Thanks lady! Hope our paths cross soon.

  • Yannix

    Social media has been a great source of generating the right leads and brings bulk of traffic to a website. One needs to properly use social media strategies to bring in these leads. Thank you Jodi for your recommendations. It’ll be helpful to us beginners.

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