TMBA 143 (TTR18) – 5 Media Created Distortions About Successful Internet Ventures

TMBA 143 (TTR18) – 5 Media Created Distortions About Successful Internet Ventures post image

We had a blast at the DCBKK conference over the weekend, but we’ve got more big plans lined up. The CEO-yeah is heading back to the good ole’ U.S. of A. and I’m heading up to Chiang Mai to do a little scouting and see if it could be worthy of being the next TMBA compound.

Starting this week, I’m holding my feet to the fire and saying that all you weekend warriors will be getting a brand new episode of Tropical Talk Radio in your earbuds every Friday to keep you jammin’ on your business all weekend long.

In this weeks episode, we get called out on our Modern Cat Furniture business by listener Shayna and invoke the “do as we say, not as we do” maxim. We reveal our 3 step process on how to know when it’s time to hire and the differences between what we do, small businesses, and startups.

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5 Media Created Distortions About Successful Internet Ventures:

  • The difference between making money and getting money.
  • Why not to be a minority shareholder in a small business.
  • Why we don’t invest in lifestyle businesses.
  • The most important factor for choosing a business partner.
  • Why your NIV (Network Independent Value) isn’t at the Boyz2Men level, and what the means for your business idea.

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Published on 10.26.12
  • Sweet episode, guys! Thanks for answering my question and providing some insight into how Modern Cat Designs works. Also, I’m thrilled to see the TMBA podcast back after 2 months off the air… not that I was counting or anything :-p

    P.S. You pronounced my name right on the first attempt – the “Shay” rhymes with “Hey”

  • JakeReed

    Nice! Glad you guys are back.

  • Ed Stapleton, Jr.

    welcome back!!

  • Dan

    Thank you sir!!!

  • Dan

    Cheers Jake!

  • Dan

    haha… thanks for the inspiration Shayna, excited to do it right this time.

  • Great to have TropTalk back.

    BTW I use the George Costanza Opposite Theory ( with most of the advice you give… ;)

  • Dan

    I lol’d.

  • Dan Norris

    Hey guys good stuff, would be awesome to get TTR every week. I think the conversation on startups and small business was interesting. I’m finally forcing myself through the lean startup book, it’s so fking boring it’s killing me but one thing I took out of it was the definition of startups and that is that they are about starting businesses in extreme uncertainty. Uncertainty is what makes someone an entrepreneur as opposed to a small business owner. Most small businesses are buying themselves a job which is fine but that’s not entrepreneurship.

    I agree re the shareholder stuff – I think people invest in startups for exits. I don’t think it would make sense for you guys because the purpose of lifestyle businesses isn’t to exit. Once you can do it, why fking exit?

    BTW you should do a podcast summarising the event, it’s worth it, people who weren’t there could definitely benefit from that. Pull some of those DC threads together, it’s awesome shit.

  • I feel your pain re the Lean Startup. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a few months now about 75% finished, been working myself up to reading that last 25% for a while now. Maybe sometime before 2013 I’ll have done it…

  • David Pfahler

    Great show! I’m so happy you are back. Can’t get enough tropical talk, you know :D
    The listener question really got me thinking. Keep it up!

  • Dan

    Thanks David!!! Appreciate the support, we are back on track fo sho.

  • Dan

    F-ing boring is right! :D

    I like the distinction of uncertainty…. although I’m not sure how much of that I need to be facing in my business, we certainly go out and continue to bring it on. One thing about our style of biz + lean start-up is that we are taking a lot of customer funded “risks” which means we are risking our time and energy more than capital… which ought to be just as scary as capital (but for most of us it doesn’t seem to be).

    BTW great freaking idea!

  • Dan

    This book more practical and less dry with case study and similar ideas:

  • Thanks for bringing back TTR! I needed this!
    – Blake

  • Nice one, thanks for the recommendation

  • Dan

    You got it man! :D

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