TMBA 130 (TTR16) – Becoming a Mini-Mogul

TMBA 130 (TTR16) – Becoming a Mini-Mogul post image

Happy Friday everyone! Today Ian and I are joining you from Puerto Galera, Philippines. We found a few minutes away from the events here at the Tropical MBA to discuss a topic that’s been on our minds lately: How do we frame up this new style of multi-national small business entrepreneurship, and what are some related business opportunities?

A lot of people have been talking about this trend lately, we dug up this article to serve as the basic structure for this episode. We believe the opportunities to create services and products for people just like us– global-thinking lifestyle entrepreneurs– is massive.

We also take a few minutes to discuss some of the feedback we received on our last episode.

There is a new Tropical MBA style internship in China:

Matt Kowalak and his business partner Jamon are offering a TMBA-style internship in China. We trust these guys and are confident they’ll provide whoever gets the gig a life-changing experience. Check Out The High Cappin Internship Details Here

Key points you’ll hear about:

  • Why how you spend your days might look more like Sir Richard Branson than a “normal” small business entrepreneur.
  • Why we think drop shipping directly from China and other similar services will be a huge opportunity for lifestyle entrepreneurs.
  • Why and how to make blogging hugely profitable.
  • A few specific niches that we think will be huge in the next 5 years (and how one might get involved).

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Published on 08.03.12
  • theelevatorlife

    These two guys are great and they are providing a huge opportunity for whoever gets lucky enough. These guys will bring you into China the fast way, they have a ton of experience. I can’t recommend this opportunity enough for someone considering opportunities in China.

  • So true so true… no one is going to follow a blog unless the blogger has a winning track record like you guys.

    Also, the China internship sounds like a taylor made opportunity for me. I was born in China and am familiar with the language and culture. Plus my passion for internet business makes me want to follow these guys around and learn everything I can from them.

  • Sean

    I hung out with Matt and Jamon a few months ago when I was in China – and they’re the real deal. They know their market like nobody else, and whoever goes will learn a TON – and be shown some of the best street food on Earth :)

  • Dan

    yeah buddy!!! I would kill to do something like just a few short years ago. These guys are seriously cool.

  • Dan

    Go for it!!! Good luck and thanks for listening.

  • Dan

    Speaking of two cool guys….

  • Sending in my application this morning. Hope there wouldn’t be a problem if my wife tagged along :)

  • Dan


  • Dan, dan, dan stop reading my mind, i do get asked that a lot when every how you spend your days. The one response i give is “I change reality weather it is for my needs/wants or my clients.

    Of course if they then ask more i tell them for instance when i start a wine business my goal, my job is to change my clients reality by the wine they drink. Of course they dont understand i look around and i see someone with a pen and say “if the pen did not exist what would you write with?”

    They would say “I write with a pencil” I would say “and if there was no
    pencil?” The must likely would give up. I would then say “So those people who made those items changed your reality?”

    That what i think is what every human does Dan

  • Dan

    Steve, my gameplan going forward is reading your mind man!!!

  • Noooooooooooooooooo!!! put’s on tin foil hat =P

  • Robert Longley

    I think this view of the future of business is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Frank Bonetti

    You guys should do an entire episode dedicated to tax issues, LLCs, tax shelters… that stuff is fascinating. I’d love to hear your opinions on how to shelter your assets and income.

  • Dan

    oh boy! that’s very DC-ish stuff, but yeah we should try to bring out some stuff for the show. we had an LBP a few episodes back probably worth a listen.

  • Dan

    hope so!!!

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